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Intramural Sports

  • The Intramural Sports program is designed to encourage all Gannon University students, faculty, and staff to participate in organized activities with emphasis on "no experience necessary." These programs will provide the use of facilities for such activities, organize and promote friendly competition between groups and individuals, enhance physical fitness through competitive activities, and foster a spirit of fair play and sportsmanship among participants and spectators. In order to meet its goals, the Intramural Sports program offers events in team and individual sports. For more information on intramural sports please contact the Recreation and Wellness Center at (814) 871-7770 or view the frequently asked questions listed below.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How do I sign-up for an intramural sport?

    Visit for registration of all intramural sports.

    Who is eligible to play intramural sports?

    Any part-time or full-time Gannon University student, faculty or staff.

    Are all leagues and tournaments available to both women and men?

    Yes. Activities that are male or female only will each have their own league or tournament; other activities are coed.

    Do I need a Gannon University ID card to play?

    Yes. You must also be registered on, prior to the start of the activity in order to be eligible for participation.

    I would like to play an intramural sport, but have nobody to play with; can I still participate?

    Yes. You are able to register on as a "free agent" which means that an intramural sports administrator will add you to a team that does not have enough players. Both the team and the free agent benefit from this option!

    I have never played a particular sport before so I'm unfamiliar with the rules; can I still participate?

    Yes. The rules to each intramural sport activity will be reviewed prior to the start of leagues and tournaments.

    Does it cost money to register and participate in intramural sport activities?

    NO! Intramural sports are free of charge. The only time a fee would be charged is if your team forfeits a game without proper notice.