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Observing Martin Luther King Jr. Day, Resources from Gannon Mission & Ministry

Published: 01/15/2021

Martin Luther King, Jr.

Martin Luther King, Jr.

Gannon University’s Mission & Ministry team has compiled resources to assist individuals and families in observing MLK Day. In the spirit of “a day on, not a day off,” we encourage all members of the Gannon Family to spend some time learning about Dr. King, his work, and his ideals.



A Sweet Smell of RosesThis is a good first look into Dr. King and the civil rights movement. It tells the story of two sisters who join Dr. King for early marches. Buy it from independent booksellers here or watch a YouTube read-aloud here.

Child of the Civil Rights Movement – Author Paula Young Shelton recounts her memories growing up as the daughter of major activists in the Civil Rights Movement and includes stories of Uncle Martin. Parents should be prepared to research some of the civil rights leaders listed in the video with their children. Buy it from independent booksellers here or watch a YouTube read-aloud here.

The Youngest Marcher – The story of Audrey Fay Hendricks, one of the children protesting and sent to jail as part of the Birmingham Children's March. Parents should be familiar with and be prepared to discuss the Children's March (or Children's Crusade) which did see children jailed. Buy it from independent booksellers here or watch a YouTube read-aloud (by a staff member of the National Civil Rights Museum who brings props!) here.

Middle Grades

Martin Rising: Requiem for a King – An illustrated collection of poems about the life and legacy of Dr. King. Purchase from independent booksellers here.

High School

 Dear Martin – A Black teenager experiences discrimination at the hands of police and turns to Dr. King's writings and journaling about them to process his experience. Purchase from independent booksellers here.

Online Resources for all ages

Our Friend Martin – An animated movie for grades 2-7 in which two children are transported back in time and meet Dr. King. Watch on YouTube here.

National Civil Rights Museum – Take an online 360 tour of the National Civil Rights Museum which is housed in the motel that Dr King was assassinated at here.

PBS Black Culture Connection: Dr. King – A plethora of resources about the life and work of Dr. King - any interest you have is addressed here! This is a great site for individuals, students, and families to explore.

These resources are just a starting point. We invite you to continue learning about the breadth of Dr. King’s work and its continued relevance by exploring these and other resources throughout the year ahead.