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Gannon University Career Exploration and Development

Gannon University Career Exploration and Development

Information for Gannon Job Seekers from the Office of Career Exploration and Development at Gannon University.

The pandemic has made things extra challenging. Maybe you had an internship or job that was delayed or canceled. Perhaps the plan you had is up in the air. What should you do? It’s OK to be upset or frustrated with the current state of the job market. However, it’s more important that we try and make the most of a challenging time. When the pandemic is through or when we return to some state of normal, how will you tell your story

Discover What's Out There

Did you have a plan? If not, did you have an idea? Is that plan or idea being challenged by this pandemic? During challenging times, it’s important that we keep moving and learning. The search for an internship or job quickly became much tougher than before the pandemic. We need to rise up and become determined seekers. This means a significant increase in thoughtful applications blended with a steady dose of perseverance. What we build now will lead to transformational skills and experiences that we can use later. There are a number of virtual and temporary opportunities out there.·


Explore Options:

Ever wonder about other career or job possibilities that might be right for you? Would you like a few ideas as to what you might be able to do with your personality, interests or skills in either the short or long-term?


Demonstrate Positivity and Grit
Work hard to maintain or develop a positive attitude. What brings you joy? What makes you feel productive? How can you demonstrate resiliency or grit? When the time comes to interview, it will help if you carry yourself positively and can recall examples of times when you persevered.


Improve Interviewing Skills

Has it been a while since you practiced interviewing? Have you ever practiced interviewing? What about interviewing virtually – have you practiced that? Let’s work on building confidence and technique around your interviewing skills.


  • BIG INTERVIEW: GU's (new) Virtual Interview Practice Space (Register and Explore the Self-Paced Interviewing Hub)
  • Email Career Exploration and Development for a Mock Interview

Leverage Free Trainings

Virtual training content is seemingly endless. What could you do now to prepare for later? Learn more about your preferred industry. Learn about a different one. Focus on gaining new skills and enhance your portfolio.


Connect with Others

How might you leverage this time to refine your brand? Could you afford to strengthen your network? All the experts can talk all day about the importance of making meaningful connections in areas of professional interest. During this pandemic, it’s important to focus on what you can control. Let’s build a strong network or strengthen it further. Plus, many people are already at home with their devices which improves your odds of connecting.


  • Build a LinkedIn Profile
  • Ask for Informational Interviews. Need help? Email us.
  • Keep your friends and family informed as to what you're seeking!

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There are all sorts of things at your fingertips that can help as we navigate this pandemic together. Here are a few:

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