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Gannon Student Radio Show Awarded Best Radio Drama in the Nation

Nic Franz, creator of

Nic Franz, creator of "The Curse of the Turner Hotel"

Gannon's student radio station 90.5 WERG's Nic Franz was awarded "Best Radio Drama" in the nation for "The Curse of the Turner Hotel" during the IBS awards in New York City. 

"Nic wanted to make certain that all who were involved got the credit they deserved. He credits Erik Konswinski, Petra Shearer, Seamus Clerkin, Brian Bowersox, Regan von Richter, Anthony DiFonzo, Tom Swick, Lydia Nemeth, Beth Schumacher, Robert Fox, Lily Noble, Cameron Kuhnhausen, Brevin Flowers, Lee Hunter, Shawn Clerkin, Abigail Ritchie, Chet LaPrice, and all of the listeners for helping him achieve this major accomplishment. "No matter how big or small your role was, your voice mattered," said Nic." 

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