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L'Arche Ontario Alternative Break Service Trip to Daybreak

L'Arche Ontario

L'Arche Ontario

Follow The L'Arche Ontario Alternative Break Service Trip on their blog, and read an excerpt below.

So today, we started a bit slow, and tired with an early morning after Brent had the idea to get an overdue, warm homemade breakfast. After getting to a cute diner called "Three Coins," we all soon realized it was well worth it. We then arrived at today's destination: Daybreak, to get a small tour and history lesson of the area learning that before renovations, it used to be entirely surrounded by farmland. We learned fun facts such as the old barn that was used back in the day is still standing and being utilized today for different programs. We saw incredible architecture beside a welcoming and warm, smile filled environment. Our group was split up to do various tasks soon after arrival. One group had the opportunity to clean out an area for Daybreak and found two exciting hidden treasures while doing so.

This was lovely as Daybreak just celebrated its 50th anniversary recently. They also got to bake and eat delicious cookies while spending time with some core members.

Our second group had a bit of a different experience. Jordan, Brent, and Carrie had the opportunity to do some art by painting with some very talented core members. Our focus was on abstract self-portraits that will be entered into an upcoming art show. We then ate lunch and finished up with an 8-minute much-needed meditation where the focus was on the body, anywhere from how your feet are placed on the floor to focusing on your heartbeat.

Our small group then got split off with Brent and Carrie heading to bowling with a core member named Luigi who had the most contagious smile I think I've ever seen. I (Jordan) got the chance to do some baking with the head of the art center, Fran. We followed her own personal recipe for some delicious blueberry muffins that permeated the building with a mouth-watering smell.

We then headed back to our home for the week (Sherman house). When we got back, David was watching his "all-time favorite show," which happens to be one of my old favorites as well. "Dukes of Hazzard" the episode we watched like many of the others, Bo and Luke Duke were getting in trouble with Boss Hog.

Lastly, for a long yet beautiful day, we dispersed to our Hamilton homes for dinner. I personally headed to the Cornerstone house with my partners "princess Ariel" and Meghan. We had an amazing dinner cooked by a core member who is very special in my heart. Michael did an excellent job making us his favorite meal to cook; mashed potatoes and drumsticks, which he learned in his weekly cooking classes. We ended the night at our house in true Cornerstone fashion by watching WWE wrestling with Michael.

We ended our day back at Sherman house with our nightly reflection, the common theme tonight was unconditional love, which we have all felt this week in abundance from the L'Arche community. Join us tomorrow to see what adventures we get into.

- Jordan Chittle and the L'Arche Ontario group

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