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Gannon School of Communication and the Arts celebrates year of accomplishments

Published: 04/26/2022

WERG's Khoi Huynh, Erik Konwinski, Abigail Ritchie, Madi Maurice, Mario Bruni, Trevor Kubeja

WERG's Khoi Huynh, Erik Konwinski, Abigail Ritchie, Madi Maurice, Mario Bruni, Trevor Kubeja

The School of Communication and the Arts held the annual SCA Soiree on April 25, reflecting on the successes our students achieved over this past academic year.  

For SCA, the Gabriel Awards symbolize the work of the Archangel Gabriel, who is the patron saint of communicators. 2022 Gabriel Awards honorees include: 

  • Storyteller Award: Cassidy Cartwright for her work in vector graphics and translating that work into images for a mural being done with Our West Bayfront.
  • Content Creator Award: Grace Dible for her work in audio production. 
  • Message Maker Award: Cyril Ogbuagu for his work in vector and raster graphics.

Gannon student radio station WERG's 20th Annual Duda Awards - named after former WERG chief engineer Dr John Duda - honorees include:

  • Best Solo Airshift: Madi Maurice
  • Best Sonic Sunrise morning show: Abigail Ritchie & Erik Konwinski
  • Best Afternoon Drive Show: Mario Bruni & Trevor Kubeja
  • Rookie of the Year: Khoi Huynh
  • Off-Air Contribution: Madelyn Bohrer (programming)
  • Non-Music Content: Mario Bruni (social media)
  • Spirit Award: Brianna Barr
  • M.V.P.: Erik Konwinski

During the 82nd Annual I.B.S. Media Conference in March 2022, WERG FINALISTS included: 

  • Best Hockey Play-by-Play: Erik Konwinski, Gannon vs. Penn State
  • Best Station Imaging: Robert Fox, “Peter Parker”
  • Best Event Promo: Robert Fox &Erik Konwinski, “Count the Candy” contest
  • Best Station Contest: Abigail Ritchie, “Count the Candy” contest
  • Best Morning Show: Abigail Ritchie &Erik Konwinski, Sonic Sunrise on 90.5 WERG
  • Best Radio Drama: Liesel Franz, Cameren Kuhnhausen, Beth Schumacher, “The Melancholic Fall of Mr. Turner”


  • Best Station Giveaway: Abigail Ritchie, Phoebe Bridgers Concert Promotion
  • Best Music Director: Amanda Drew, Len Mailloux Student Management Award


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