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Here's What Innovation and Creativity Looks Like at Gannon

Published: 08/31/2021

Students and faculty collaborate via the new minor in innovation and creativity.

Students and faculty collaborate via the new minor in innovation and creativity.

Gannon University is taking a new approach that is turning creative thought into actionable innovation.

The university launched a new minor in innovation and creativity with its first course offering – appropriately called “The Launch” – beginning this fall in I-HACK’s third-floor Hatchery.

Innovation and creativity have emerged over the past decade as essential to success in a rapidly changing world. Gannon's minor in innovation and creativity, or MIC, delivers on this increasing need for professionals who possess the skills, attitudes and mindsets that allow them to inspire solutions to complex societal problems. 

Students learn to leverage their ability to solve real-world issues, identify both opportunities and the resources needed to explore these opportunities, work with a diverse group of people, and turn creative thought into actionable innovation to drive meaningful change in any career field. 

Students pictured above are building ping pong ball launchers as part of a problem-solving exercise. They are some of more than 30 students who are in the minor program 

“The beauty of the minor is that it deliberately mixes up students from across all three colleges,” said MC Gensheimer, assistant professor and co-director of the School of Communication and the Arts. “Put an artist, an engineer, a PT major and a finance major into a problem-solving mix – and surprising solutions emerge.”

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