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Celebrating World Voice Week at Gannon

Published: 04/20/2021

Gannon University, Ruskin Florida

Gannon University, Ruskin Florida

Greetings from Gannon’s inaugural graduate Speech-Language Pathology program! We are first-year graduate students at the Ruskin campus who are passionate about the field of speech-language pathology. Our program’s mission is to foster the development of highly skilled, compassionate speech-language professionals who are dedicated to lifelong learning, leadership, and person-centered service.

Speech-language pathologists address many areas of communication including speech, language, dysphagia and voice. Each area has a significant importance in our day-to-day functions and communication, but one overlooked area is the voice. Our voice is who we are; it impacts our social relationships, careers and is closely related to our quality of life. SLPs play a major role in aiding with the treatment and assessment of voice disorders, but can also provide vocal coaching, implement transgender voice transformations, and educate in vocal hygiene.

World Voice Day is an annual event that takes place on April 16 worldwide and is devoted to the celebration of the phenomenon of voice. The aim is to demonstrate the enormous importance of the voice in the daily lives of all people. At Gannon University, “World Voice Week” is a week dedicated to education about vocal health habits. This year, we will be celebrating our voices during the week of April 19-23. We are very excited to share the knowledge we have obtained during our voice course this semester. Come join us and celebrate with us the wonder of our voices! 

We will be offering free voice screening in the SLP clinic (Ruskin campus), located on the first floor of our new building (across the gym) on Thursday, April 22, 2021 from 9 am to 1 pm. This will only take about 15 minutes of your time. You will enjoy the benefit of discovering a little about your voice and how to take good care of it. Voice screenings are open to students, staff and faculty on the Ruskin campus. Free doughnuts for everyone who participates.

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We are also hosting a virtual “Healthy Voice Workshop” on Friday, April 23, 2021, from 1 p.m. to 2 p.m. with Dr. Albert Villanueva-Reyes, our voice professor, as our guest speaker. We would love for all of you to be involved and spread awareness on the importance of our voices.

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