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David Bostaph '23

Radiologic Science Major


David Bostaph '23, radiologic science major

For radiologic science student David Bostaph, Gannon’s ability to make him feel welcome and allow him to comfortably acclimate into an academic setting made his experience as an adult student all the better, even when he didn’t feel confident.

“It’s very daunting as an adult, to come to a campus full of individuals the same age as your own children,” he says. “You feel like you do not belong, and it’s easy to see yourself as a ‘failed adult’ who has to hit reset and try again.”

Before coming to Gannon, Bostaph worked 20 years in retail while he and his wife supported their five kids. He stayed with various companies for years, but never really enjoyed what he was doing. His family eventually came into a position where he could return to school, so he enrolled in Gannon’s 2-year radiologic science program.

Bostaph credits Gannon faculty and staff for being supportive of his journey. From admissions creating a schedule of adult education classes needed for his program, to the office of commuter life, he easily found a place that he felt comfortable in. He also thanks his wife; without whose support he would not be able to continue his education.

Speaking to others who are considering going back to school as an adult, Bostaph says there’s no such thing as too late. 

“I turn 49 this year. My professional career is just starting and I’m already looking at ways to take this new path into areas I never thought were possible. You will never know what the possibilities are if you never try. The only one telling you ‘No’ is you.”