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Innovation and Creativity

  • Do You Want to Change the World? Start with a Minor in Innovation and Creativity from Gannon University.

    Innovation and creativity have emerged over the past decade as essential to success in a rapidly changing world. Gannon's Minor in Innovation and Creativity (MIC) delivers on this increasing need for professionals who possess the skills, attitudes and mindsets that allow them to inspire solutions to complex societal problems. Leverage your own ability to solve real-world issues, identify both opportunities and the resources needed to explore these opportunities, work with a diverse group of people, and turn creative thought into actionable innovation to drive meaningful change in any career field you choose.

    • Explore topics such as empathy, collaboration, openness, play and practice, courage, embracing failure, risk taking, creating and sharing ideas, and more.
    • Collaborate with students and faculty from the College of Engineering and Business, the College of Humanities, Education and Social Sciences, and the Morosky School of Health Professions and Sciences in your classroom.
    • Learn how to break down walls, explore your innate creativity, and innovate while earning a minor that enhances your resume and better prepares you for your future.

    Questions about the Program? Let's Start with These.

    Do you want to develop an innovator's mindset for your field of study?

    The MIC enhances EVERY major.

    Do you want to join a diverse team to take on real-world problems?

    You'll collaborate with students and faculty from across the University through the MIC.

    Do you need to be "creative" to pursue this minor?

    The MIC is not only for self-identified "creatives" - it is for anyone who wants to develop skills in creative problem solving and collaborative innovation.

    Do you want to join students and faculty who are taking the "path less traveled"?

    Students selected for the MIC will journey through a truly unique Gannon experience.

    Do you have 3 credits to earn the Minor in Innovation and Creativity?

    The MIC uses 12 of the 15 credits from your Liberal Studies Core requirements - you only need to take 3 additional credits to earn the minor.

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     Apply Now (Due by March 26, 2021)

    Courses Required for the Minor in Innovation and Creativity (MIC)

    Number Title Credit Year
    MIC 201 The Launch 1 Credit Fall, Sophomore Year
    MIC 205 The Pitch (Speech) 3 Credits Spring, Sophomore Year
    MIC 301 The Lore (Literature Series) 3 Credits Fall, Junior Year
    MIC 305 The Labyrinth (Phil II Series) 3 Credits Fall, Junior Year
    MIC 310 The Prototype (Fine Arts Series) 3 Credits Spring, Junior Year
    MIC 401 The Blastoff 2 Credits Fall, Senior Year