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Lisa J. Nogaj

  • Professor
    Chemistry Department
  • Assc Dean, School of Science
    Col.Health Professions & Sci.

As a physical chemist, I characterize the properties of materials and think about how to use them in new applications. I earned my PhD from the University of Rochester, where I studied how carbon nanotubes produce light. At Gannon, my research team is working to understand the prevalence and identity of nanoparticles in nearby Lake Erie. Our goal is to harvest these particles creatively and efficiently, so that they can be returned into a circular economy.

What I Love About Being a Chemist
I had a hard time choosing a major before college because I enjoyed many different subjects—I didn’t want to choose just one. One of the best surprises of my scientific career has been that I get to explore and develop interests across so many areas. Chemists leverage math to solve problems, read and write research papers, learn from the history of science, consider the economy, design figures and artwork for publications, travel to present at conferences, and more. But best of all, our work as chemists connects us as people because we can address issues that impact the health of our planet and fellow humans.

Fun Facts

  • I grew up in a small town outside of Buffalo, New York, which instilled a lifelong love of Bills football and “real” pizza and wings.
  • I met my husband, Gannon's STEM Center Director, in a college calculus class. We have two beautiful children and love being parents!
  • I am a huge music fan, am obsessed with organizing, and enjoy sharing my favorite chemistry jokes!

Selected Awards

  • 2016  Gannon University MCHPS Excellence in Undergraduate Advising Award
  • 2013  Gannon University President's Technology Award
  • 2013  American Chemical Society Erie Local Section Member of the Year

Selected Grants

  • 2022  Howard Hughes Medical Institute. Inclusive Excellence (IE3) Grant; Principal Investigator.
  • 2021  Howard Hughes Medical Institute. Inclusive Excellence (IE3) Learning Grant; Principal Investigator.
  • 2020  Lake Erie Research Institute Hirtzel Foundation. Advanced Mass Spectrometry for Northwestern Pennsylvania; Member of Faculty Leadership Team.
  • 2018  Nanoscale Informal STEM Education Program. Let's Do Chemistry!; Lead Coordinator.
  • 2017  U.S. Department of Education Ronald E. McNair Postbaccalaureate Achievement Program. Gannon Advances in STEM Scholarship (GAINS); Member of Faculty Leadership Team.
  • 2016  American Chemical Society, Leadership Development System. Leadership Development Course; co-PI with Erie Local Section ACS Executive Committee.
  • 2015  National Science Foundation, ADVANCE Research Initiation Award.Optical Sensors Based on Carbon Nanotube Fluorescence;  Principal Investigator.
  • CHEM 111/112: General Chemistry I + Lab
  • CHEM 114/115: General Chemistry II + Lab
  • CHEM 331/332: Physical Chemistry I + Lab
  • CHEM 334/335: Physical Chemistry II + Lab
  • CHEM 380/381: Undergraduate Research in Chemistry
  • 2009 Ph.D. in Physical Chemistry, University of Rochester
  • 2006 M.S. in Chemistry, University of Rochester
  • 2004 B.S. in Chemistry, SUNY College at Fredonia

physical chemistry, nanomaterials, materials science, optical spectroscopy, chemical education, DEI in STEM

  • American Chemical Society (2004-present)

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Service to the University (current appointments)
  • GU Associate Dean for School of Sciences
  • GU HHMI Inclusive Excellence 3 Program Director
  • GU McNair Scholars Faculty Steering Committee
  • GU Eclipse Committee
  • GU Retention Committee
  • GU Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry Committees (Curriculum, Safety, Student Engagement)
Service to the Profession
  • Awards Banquet Coordinator, Erie Local Section of the American Chemical Society
  • Website Designer, Erie Local Section of the American Chemical Society (link)
  • Co-Coordinator, Erie Chapter of MATHCOUNTS (link)

Service to the Community

  • ExpERIEnce Children's Museum Kooky Spooky Science Demonstration Volunteer
  • NSF NISENet NanoDays and Let's Do Chemistry! Outreach Coordinator and Volunteer
  • Ongoing Chemistry Demonstrations and Presentations for Children and Community Groups

I enjoy doing science-themed outreach in our Erie community! Please feel welcome to contact me.

Lisa            J. Nogaj

+1 8148717647
Office: Z 412

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