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Thomas G. Comstock

  • Adjunct Lecturer
    Graduate Business Studies
  • Adjunct Faculty
    Master of Public Admin
  • Advanced Organizational Theory (GOLL801)
  • Managerial Accounting (GMBA601)
  • Organizational Behavior (GMBA631)
  • Managerial Economics (GMBA671)
  • Leadership and Business Ethics (GMBA686)
  • Human Resource Management (GMBA736)
  • Quality Management (GMBA737)
  • Strategic Management (GMBA774)
  • Organizational Ethics (GMBA792)
  • Business Policy and Strategy (GMBA799)
  • Administrative Decision making (GMPA511)
  • Applied Statistics for Public and Nonprofit Administration (GMPA540)
  • Strategic Planning for Not-for-Profits (GMPA601)
  • Principles of Management (BCOR250)
  • Advanced Business Technology (BCOR385)
  • Business Policy (BCOR480)
  • Human Resource Management (MGMT211)
  • Making Teams Work (MGMT220)
  • International Management (MGMT310)
  • Quality Management (MGMT350)
  • Organizational Behavior (MGMT316)
  • Social and Ethical Responsibility (MGMT360)
  • Supply Chain Management (MGMT410)
  • The Pennsylvania State University, Doctoral Studies in Management and Organization, Emphases in Strategy and Social Issues in Business, 1998-2002
  • The Pennsylvania State University, MBA, Honors Thesis: The International Monetary Fund: A Review of Economic and Political Implications from the Perspective of Stakeholder Theory, 1983
  • St. Bonaventure University, BBA, Dr. Pierre Bretey Outstanding Student in Finance, 1977
  • Senior Vice President and Director of Corporate Finance, McDonald & Co. Securities, Cleveland, OH (1989-92)
  • Vice President and Corporate Syndicate Manager, Capital Markets, Bankers Trust Company, New York, NY (1987- 89)
  • Vice President and Product Manager, Institutional Fixed Products, Merrill Lynch Capital Markets, New York, NY (1983-87)
  • Senior Accountant, Arthur Andersen & Co., Rochester NY (1977-81)