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I was a non-traditional OT student, having spent nine years in the Army as a communiticaltions NCO. I got out of the service to attend OT school at the Medical College of Georgia, Augusta, recieving my BS degreee in OT in 1983. I worked in a state school with individuals with multiple disabilities for a couple of years, before returning to the Army as a Medical Specialist Corps officer. I had assignments in a base hospital, an Army medical center, an Exceptional Family Member Program in Europe, and in a Combat Stress Control Detachment. These assigments gave me the opportunity to practice in upper extremity and hand injuries, school-based therapy, and both hospital-based and community mental health. During this time I also completed my Masters degree in Information Systmes Management from Bowie State University, MD.  I retired from the Army as a Captain in 1998. Since finishing my time in the Army I have been teaching in Occupational Therapy programs, first at Texas Tech University and now at Gannon. While teaching I have finished my coursework for a doctor of education degree in educational technology.

I am married with two grown children. I bike, keep up my cars and home, and enjoy most of the traditional OT craft modalities - woodworking, stained glass work, weaving, and other handicrafts.

Courses Taught

The OT Research Sequence:

  • The Research Process (GOCCT_550)
  • Qualitative Research (GOCCT_552)
  • Research Seminar (GOCCT_650)

Other course include:

  • OT First Year Seminar (OCCT_108)
  • OT Leadership Seminar (OCCT_208)
  • Theoretical Foundations of OT (OCCT_461)
  • OT Medical Sciences (OCCT_486)

Past courses include:

  • The OT in Mental Health sequence (GOCCT_509 & 510)
  • The Physical Disabilities sequence (GOCCT_515 & 516)

 Additionally, I have served as both the program's Fieldwork Coordinator and as the Interim Program Director.