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Graduate Student Designations

  • Each graduate student’s admission status will be determined based upon the specifics of the application decision and the student’s individual circumstance.

    Degree Status

    Students who submit a complete application portfolio and meet the program admission requirements qualify for degree status.

    Provisional Status for Degree Seeking Students

    There are two general circumstances which lead to this designation:


    If a student does not meet an admissions criterion (i.e., GPA, test scores, etc.) but shows potential in other areas, the student may be admitted with provisional/academic status. Continued enrollment is contingent upon demonstration of sufficient ability to do graduate work. Generally, to receive degree status, students must achieve a minimum cumulative average of 3.00 in 9-12 credits of graduate work. This is determined by the Program Director.


    This status applies to an applicant showing great promise but who has a missing component of information, such as a letter of recommendation or test score. This status allows students an initial semester to complete the admissions portfolio. In general, provisional students may not register for more than one semester however, specific programs may have different limits.

    Non-Degree Status

    This designation is reserved for students who are not pursuing a degree at Gannon. There are a variety of common reasons for this status, including students who are pursuing a course or two for professional development, certificate students, students from other graduate schools who are planning to transfer coursework back to their own institutions, or students who are attending workshops and institutes which offer graduate credit. In some cases, with the permission of a graduate program director, credits earned as a non-degree student may be applied toward a degree or certificate program at Gannon.

    With the exception of students in graduate certificate programs, the non-degree student is limited to nine credits of graduate coursework under this status. Only with special permission of the program director and respective Academic Dean may a non-degree student enroll for more than nine credits.