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Information for Faculty

  • ¬†GANNON: Inspired Faculty-led Trips (GIFT)

    In addition to believing in the importance of providing students with the opportunity to engage in educational activities around the world, Gannon University also believes in the importance of continued development of faculty and staff through their own travels abroad.

    Gannon's faculty members lead trips for students that meet academic requirements, whether in the Liberal Studies Core or within specific majors. These trips typically occur over spring break or in May after the end of spring semester, though travel during the January intersession is also an option, if the course and destination allow. Faculty members interested in facilitating one of these trips are encouraged to make an appointment with Meagan McHugh, Director of Learning Abroad and International Academic Programs, to discuss their ideas and then complete and submit a Learning Abroad Program Proposal. Faculty are encouraged to consider adding an international or intercultural component to one of their existing courses, or to pursue the creation of a new course offering. Faculty are also encouraged to work with colleagues in other departments in the creation of interdisciplinary courses and travel opportunities.

    We also recognize that many of our talented faculty members are well-traveled and have extensive international experience that would lend well to the development of new credit-based travel experiences for our students. Those faculty members are enthusiastically encouraged to consider developing a faculty-led experience for students.

    The University has developed Policies and Procedures that will be implemented across the university to cover a myriad of details regarding university-related travel with students. Faculty members are strongly encouraged to read through these Policies and Procedures before planning any travel.