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Honors Program

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    The Gannon University Honors Program provides a challenging and supportive experience for academically mindful, highly motivated students from a variety of backgrounds.

    The small class sizes and service opportunities are a great way to meet people who value their education and want to engage with the world.

    Honors student leaders do much to shape the policies and priorities of the program.

    Check out our digital newsletter written by honors students for some insights into the kinds of things honors students do.

    Will it Fit with My Major? 

    Our curriculum meets the requirements for the core curriculum and our students come from all majors. Students are required to take a single one-credit additional class their first year of college and may select from other classes to gain their additional honors credits.

    How Does the Honors Program Support Travel? 

    • When students present research at a conference, their conference costs, travel, and room are covered by the university.
    • Honors students who study abroad for a semester receive $500 from Honors and additional funding from the university.
    • Honors students who take an international short-term study abroad trip receive $200 from honors (as funds last).
    • In recent years, students traveled to New Orleans, Baltimore, Chicago, Denver, and Niagara Falls to present their research and network with other student leaders at honors conferences.

    Honors Students

    Are There Scholarships Offered Through the Honors Program?

    Gannon awards academic scholarships, but they are not tied to participation in the honors program.  To learn more about these scholarships, click here.

    What are the entrance criteria?

    • 3.7 weighted GPA
    • A rigorous transcript with honors, AP, or dual enrollment credits in the humanities.
    • The quality of a thoughtful, specific, well-structured essay or video based on a prompt. View details and the application.

    What is the deadline for application?

    Applications will begin to be evaluated March 1, and spots in the program will be awarded on a rolling basis.  It is possible to apply for the program into the summer, but there are more limited spots available at that time.

    What are the requirements for graduation once I am at Gannon?

    • Maintain a 3.25 GPA.
    • Serve on an honors committee for your first year (about 2-3 hours per month). These committees help you meet people and engage in the life of the program.
    • Participate in 5 hours of service per year with honors and an additional fifteen hours of service per year either with honors or with another Gannon organization. Some of these service requirements are waived if you take two foreign language classes at Gannon.
    • Take at least 24 credits of honors classes to graduate at the highest level or at least 18 credits to graduate at the lowest level.
    • Pass Introduction to Honors (1 credit).
    • Watch a half hour monthly honors video.
    • During your senior year, write a 3-5 pg essay and compile various projects you completed during your time in honors. 

    Contact people

    Dr. Ann Bomberger
    Honors program director; 814-871-5366

    Mrs. Ashley Caldwell
    Honors program assistant
    ; 814-871-5749

    Program outcomes

    • Our students will apply an understanding of multiple worldviews through course projects or collaboration with people from a variety of cultures.
    • Our students will demonstrate critical thinking through oral arguments and written work that integrate reputable, relevant sources.
    • Our students will interact effectively in teams by demonstrating equal effort, thoughtful contributions, and respectful treatment of team members.