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Proctored Exam Information

  • If an online professor requires an exam to be proctored or in person and the online student lives too far from the University, the student may be required to arrange for someone to proctor the exam. It is the student's responsibility to locate and obtain instructor approval for the proctor.


    The student is responsible for any fees associated with the attainment of a proctor or proctoring service.


    Online students should refer to the online course syllabus and contact the online instructor or academic advisor for details regarding proctored exams.

    Proctor Approval Form 

    If a remote proctor is necessary for an online course, please submit a completed online proctor form to the instructor for final approval.

    Appropriate Exam Proctors  

    A student's friend or relative may not serve as a proctor. Acceptable proctor options are specified below:

    • A member of the faculty at any regionally accredited college or university
    • An educational administrator at any regionally accredited college, university or high school
    • A full-time teacher at a regionally accredited high school
    • A librarian at a public or high school library
    • An employee at a learning center or private testing center
    • An administrator at a Pennsylvania Community Education Council facility
    • For a student in the military, an officer of higher rank than the student
    • For an incarcerated student, the institution's education officer, librarian or chaplain