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Superintendent Letter of Eligibility

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    We invite you to join us by video or phone to learn more about Gannon University's School of Education and your program of interest.  Registration is required and participants will be sent a Teams link by email prior to the event.

  • Program Overview

    The online Gannon University Superintendent Letter of Eligibility Certification program prepares educational leaders for certification as Pennsylvania school superintendents.  This portion of the Pennsylvania Department of Education's (PDE) certification process includes 21-23 credits of coursework and is completed in one academic year. Before applying to PDE for the Superintendent Letter of Eligibility, please make sure you read the Steps to Certification below.


    The 21-credit program is made up of five online academic classes, course concurrent internships in the candidate's school district, and culminating portfolio and internship projects. PDE requires 360 hours of internship, which are scheduled throughout the one-year program. 


    • Candidates can begin in any semester.
    • All classes are online, and internships take place in the school district.
    • Courses are offered two per semester in seven-week sessions.  This unique format allows the candidate to focus on one class at a time.
    • Four of the five classes have concurrent internships, and the remaining 235-hour internship course is completed in the summer.
    • The program is designed to be completed in one academic year.

    You will Experience

    What makes the Gannon Superintendent Certification Program different?

    • An online program that gives busy professionals the opportunity to complete their coursework with much more flexibility than a traditional face-to-face program
    • Tuition of $565/credit for the 2023-2024 academic year with no additional fees.
    • This online program requires the candidate to take 21-23 credits based upon a transcript review, including evidence of prior graduate course work in diverse learning. 
    • A cohort model with a group of educators that offers networking opportunities with other future school district leaders
    • Adjunct faculty members who are also educational practitioners.  This provides a pragmatic link between theoretical applications and present-day instructional practices and regulations.  Gannon's adjunct faculty is comprised of superintendents and principals who present a realistic and firsthand view of theoretical models that are valid and applicable in today's classrooms.
    • Personal contact with Gannon University advisors throughout the internship process, meeting face-to-face and online on a regular basis.

    You will Achieve

    The mission of the Gannon University Superintendent Preparation Program is to prepare superintendents as strategic system leaders who effectively and ethically bring about continuous system improvements that result in increased student achievement.

    Upon successful completion of this online superintendent preparation program, candidates will have completed the coursework required for certification by the Pennsylvania Department of Education.

    Exit Criteria

    • All required coursework as indicated on the program plan of study must be completed
    • All course grades must be B- or higher
    • Final GPA for the program must be 3.0 or higher

    Steps to Certifications

    You will Study

    Online Coursework

    Fall Semester Session I (August - October) 

    • GEDU 740, Superintendent as Architect of Standards-Based Reform (3 credits)
    • GEDU 748, Superintendent Introductory Internship 35 hours (1 credit)

    Fall Semester Session II (October - December)

    • GEDU 744, Business Administration and Finance (3 credits)
    • GEDU 747, Business Administration Developmental Internship 35 hours (1 credit)

    Spring Semester Session I (January - March)

    • GEDU 743, Collective Bargaining (2 credits)
    • GEDU 746, Collective Bargaining Developmental Internship 35 hours (1 credit)

    Spring Semester Session II (March - May)

    • GEDU 741, Superintendent as Strategic System Leader (3 credits)

    Summer Semester (May - August)

    • GEDU 742, Educational Facilities and School Plant (2 credits)
    • GEDU 745, Educational Facilities Developmental Internship 20 hours (1 credit)
    • GEDU 730, Diverse Learner Competencies for School Leaders (based on transcript review); (2 credits)
    • GEDU 750, Superintendent Mastery Internship 235 hours (3 credits)
    • GEDU 751, Superintendent Professional Portfolio (1 credit)


    Many school districts and employers offer tuition reimbursement to employees who choose to further their education.  If your employer provides this perk, Gannon University offers the following plans:

    • If your employer offers a 100% tuition reimbursement program, you may defer the balance of your semester bill until 45 days after the end of the semester. A signed reimbursement form and $100 down payment is required by the semester bill due date. No interest will be charged.
    • If your employer offers a partial reimbursement program, you may defer your employer's portion of the tuition until 45 days after the end of the semester. A signed reimbursement form and payment for the amount not covered by your employer is required by the semester bill due date. No interest will be charged.

    To utilize this deferment option, please submit a signed school district reimbursement form and your applicable down payment by the semester bill due date. Payment can be made on your student account in Gannon Self-Service and school district reimbursement forms may be submitted to

  • State Authorization

    View Gannon's State Authorization for more information on SARA and state authorization. Have a complaint about a distance education program or courses? Read the state contact information document to learn more about filing a complaint.

    Student Success

    Gannon's Online Engagement Coordinator facilitates our online new student orientations, implements strategies to ensure that online students are active in their online courses, and provides general online student support through a variety of high-touch methods to engage students and support student retention efforts. Gannon online students can reach out with general questions about online learning or how to remotely access Gannon's comprehensive student services.

Student Learning Outcomes

  1. Demonstrate knowledge of instructional, strategic, and operational leadership.
  2. Design and lead staff in professional development.
  3. Evaluate data to inform decision making.
  4. Demonstrate the impact of change within a school environment.
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    Toll Free: 1-800-426-6668

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  • Online Demonstration Course

    Try the demonstration online course to preview how online learning works at Gannon University. Log in as "meddemo" for the username and "meddemo" in lowercase letters for the password.

  • Online Learning Readiness Assessment

    Online instruction can be different from instruction in the classroom.   Before enrolling in an online program at Gannon, you should first assess your readiness for stepping into the online learning environment. Your results from the online questionnaire will help you identify the requirements necessary to succeed at online learning and areas you may need to explore before starting your online program.