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Reading and Reading Specialist

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    We invite you to join us by video or phone to learn more about Gannon University's School of Education and your program of interest.  Registration is required and participants will be sent a Teams link by email prior to the event.

  • Program Overview

    Preparation in reading is a valuable area of specialization.  The Master of Education in Reading provides a strong foundation for the pedagogical, curricular, and leadership dimensions of the role of a Reading Specialist.   

    The Reading Specialist Certification Program provides training to become a reading professional who can function collaboratively and in a variety of capacities.  Preparation consists of theory, application, and implementation of research-based instruction and assessment practices.  The Reading Specialist is trained in instruction and assessment techniques and given leadership opportunities to promote literacy programs for students, parents, other educators, and the community. Candidates who complete the Master of Education in Reading will be eligible to apply for Reading Specialist Certification in Pennsylvania upon successful completion of the degree requirements and passing the Reading Specialist Praxis Exam. Those who already hold a master’s degree in education can add the Reading Specialist Certification by completing the required 27 credits and passing the Reading Specialist Praxis Exam. 

    All candidates must attend a mandatory one-day on-campus orientation as part of GEDU 647 Assessment of Literacy Development/Clinical Application (Reading Clinic). The remaining clinical experience will be completed at pre-arranged sites and will be under the supervision of a site based Reading Specialist and a University faculty supervisor. 

    What Makes Us Different

    • The Reading Program coursework can be completed online.
    • Candidates who complete the Master of Education in Reading will be eligible to apply for Reading Specialist Certification in Pennsylvania.
    • Candidates who currently have a Master in Education degree have the option of obtaining a Reading Specialist Certificate.  

    Plan of Study

    Course Number Course Title Semester Planned
    GEDU 520 (EDCR 420) ESL Teaching Methodology FALL
    GEDU 626 Foundations of Literacy: Elementary FALL
    GEDU 627 Foundations of Literacy:  Secondary FALL
    GEDU 631** (Must be completed before taking GEDU 647) Diagnosis and Remediation of Reading Difficulties SPRING
    GEDU 633 Diverse Learner Competencies for Reading Specialists SPRING
    GEDU 640 or GEDU 641 Adolescent Literature or Children's Literature FALL
    GEDU 645 Literacy and Leadership SUMMER
    GEDU 647** Assessment of Literacy Development/Clinical (6 credits) SUMMER
    Additional courses required for M.Ed.
    GEDU 621 or GEDU 643 School Curriculum or Overview of Curriculum Design FLEXIBLE
    GEDU 644 or GEDU 601 Student-Centered Action Research or Action Research FLEXIBLE

    Exit Criteria

    • All required coursework as indicated on the program plan of study must be completed
    • All course grades must be B- or higher
    • Final GPA for the program must be 3.0 or higher

  • State Authorization

    View Gannon's State Authorization for more information on SARA and state authorization. Have a complaint about a distance education program or courses? Read the state contact information document to learn more about filing a complaint.

    Student Success

    Gannon's Online Engagement Coordinator facilitates our online new student orientations, implements strategies to ensure that online students are active in their online courses, and provides general online student support through a variety of high-touch methods to engage students and support student retention efforts. Gannon online students can reach out with general questions about online learning or how to remotely access Gannon's comprehensive student services.

  • Kelly Drushel

    Kelly Drushel

    "Everyone is a reader, some just haven't found their book yet." Gannon University's Reading Specialist and ESL Program has helped mold me into the reading teacher I am today. The program and professors offer explicit, hands-on, and engaging instruction that I will continue to utilize in my professional career. I am beyond thankful for the skills and strategies I have gained thus far into the program.  I look forward to continuing to grow with my Gannon family as I strive to be the best teacher I can be for my students.


    Many school districts and employers offer tuition reimbursement to employees who choose to further their education.  If your employer provides this perk, Gannon University offers the following plans:

    • If your employer offers a 100% tuition reimbursement program, you may defer the balance of your semester bill until 45 days after the end of the semester. A signed reimbursement form and $100 down payment is required by the semester bill due date. No interest will be charged.
    • If your employer offers a partial reimbursement program, you may defer your employer's portion of the tuition until 45 days after the end of the semester. A signed reimbursement form and payment for the amount not covered by your employer is required by the semester bill due date. No interest will be charged.

    To utilize this deferment option, please submit a signed school district reimbursement form and your applicable down payment by the semester bill due date. Payment can be made on your student account in Gannon Self-Service and school district reimbursement forms may be submitted to

Student Learning Outcomes

  1. Demonstrate skills to administer appropriate literacy assessments and to analyze the results to determine instructional needs.
  2. Develop and implement coherent, inclusive lessons for all students in need of specialized literacy instruction.
  3. Collaborate with colleagues to select and use appropriate instructional literacy resources.
  4. Create a respectful and culturally responsive classroom for teaching, learning, and communication.
  5. Establish active communication with students, school personnel, and parents to enhance student learning
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  • Online Learning Readiness Assessment

    Online instruction can be different from instruction in the classroom.  Before enrolling in an online program at Gannon, you should first assess your readiness for stepping into the online learning environment. Your results from the online questionnaire will help you identify the requirements necessary to succeed at online learning and areas you may need to explore before starting your online program.