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Physician Assistant Post-Baccalaureate

  • Master of Physician Assistant Science
  • Erie, Pennsylvania
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  • Master of Physician Assistant Science Post-Baccalaureate 

    Applications for the post-baccalaureate option will be reviewed on a space available basis. One of the features of Gannon's Physician Assistant program is that it offers a 5-year master's degree that allows students to enter at the freshman level and complete the Masters in Physician Assistant Science without reapplying upon completion of the bachelor's degree.  The PA program is limited in the number of seats we are able to offer due to limitations set by the accrediting body. 

    Prospective students interested in the post-baccalaureate option should contact the Gannon University Office of Graduate Admissions at for additional information including if there is space, prerequisite coursework and/or application procedures.



Student Learning Outcomes

  1. Perform a complete and accurate history and physical examination; identifying abnormal findings and develop an appropriate differential diagnosis.
  2. Develop a plan of evaluation in support of the differential diagnosis, including hematologic, specialized diagnostic imaging and pathologic modalities.
  3. Develop a treatment plan consisting of surgical and medical interventions including non- pharmacologic modalities such as physical therapy, counseling, and patient education through analysis of the clinical and laboratory data.
  4. Accurately relate the clinical data to the other members of the healthcare team, forming a collaborative effort to assure maximal patient benefit through a multiple disciplinary approach.
  5. Show proficiency in performing clinical skills.
  6. Identify characteristics of professional and ethical conduct for the PA profession
  7. Synthesize theory and research in order to provide advanced care to patients.
Karissa Jones

Karissa Jones Physician Assistant

"I am an alumni of Gannon University as an undergraduate student and a post-baccalaureate student in the physician assistant program. This program was challenging yet helped me to develop the skills needed to provide my patients with the best quality and compassionate care. The faculty were extremely supportive and always pushed me to help me succeed. I am proud to say that I have attended this program, as it has allowed to me begin a post-graduate emergency medicine program at AHN Saint Vincent in Erie PA where I am furthering my education to become the confident and skilled provider that Gannon knew I could be."