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Program Outcomes

  • The goals of the Occupational Therapy program reflect the missions of the university, college, and program. In essence, these are to educate self-directed students who, upon graduation, will become quality professionals, contribute to the body of knowledge of the profession and provide leadership for the profession and society. This will be accomplished through incorporation of the liberal studies component of the student’s bachelor’s degree into graduate, professional education in Occupational Therapy. Accordingly,the goals of the program are to:   

    • Develop quality entry-level occupational therapists whose practice is guided by occupational science and clinical reasoning;
    • Create life-long learners who will contribute to the body of knowledge of the profession;
    • Foster student attitudes and professional behaviors consistent with the missions of the university, college and program;
    • Assist the student to develop the skills necessary to provide leadership roles in the profession and society;
    • Provide students with the skills and problem-solving abilities to adapt and respond proactively to a changing health care system and society;
    • Provide professional resources, services, leadership and scholarship to the profession and community;
    • Foster an academic community in which its members participate actively in the development of self and society.