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Exploratory Studies

  • Discover Your Future Through Gannon University’s Exploratory Studies Program

    College is a time to engage in self-discovery, achieve personal growth and build your path toward a meaningful career. The future is yours – but you’re not alone in finding the path to get you there. Maybe you want to explore different careers or gain more academic experience before committing to a major. Gannon University’s Exploratory Studies program provides a structured pathway for you to discover your major alongside a vibrant community of peers and advisors. You will gain one-on-one academic advising tailored to your needs, find opportunities for self-discovery and personal growth, and receive early career mentoring. You will have the opportunity to participate in the Exploratory Studies program for up to four semesters. Start your journey in Gannon’s Exploratory Studies program and discover a degree and career that is meaningful for you.

    Find Your Fit

    Gannon University offers a broad Exploratory Studies program, where you will work one-on-one with a member of our Academic Advising Center. More focused exploratory options are also available in science, health science, humanities, education, social sciences, computing, engineering and business. Maybe you want to narrow your career options – or expand on them. Maybe you want to achieve eligibility to enter the program you aspire. Either way, we will help you make the decisions that will place you in the perfect major.


    Students who are naturally curious can explore the science field through one-on-one advising and introductory coursework in biochemistry, biology, chemical engineering, freshwater and marine biology, mathematics or science. Find your passions and strengths by conducting original scientific research or engaging in hands-on learning within our state-of-the-art laboratory spaces.

    Health Science

    Find the health-related career you are seeking through programs in communication and speech disorders, nursing, nutrition and human performance, occupational therapy, physician assistant, pre-physical therapy, pre-speech language pathology, public health, radiologic science, respiratory care, and several pre-professional programs. Explore core introductory courses to make an informed decision about your major. Although the admissions requirements are rigorous, our advisors are here to guide you through them.


    Expand your knowledge of the world around you. Think critically, creatively and logically to understand and answer today’s global challenges. Explore an array of programs in language, history, philosophy, literature and more to discover what sparks your interest. Our interdisciplinary coursework fosters interactions with students from diverse disciplines and builds a foundation for your career success.


    Gannon’s School of Education does more than train teachers, it prepares educational leaders to serve students and engage them in a meaningful pursuit of knowledge. Students are inspired to learn in an environment guided by expert faculty and nourished by a comprehensive curriculum, as well as study abroad and field placement opportunities. A Gannon-educated teacher is thoroughly trained to provide students the knowledge and skills to become life-long learners.

    Social Sciences

    Are you interested in human behavior, social issues or seeking justice? Explore the social sciences to learn how to address society’s greatest challenges through education from majors in applied intelligence, criminal justice, mortuary science, psychology and social work. Our flexible curriculum allows you to design an academic experience tailored to your career goals and personal interests by pursuing a double major or minor in numerous programs.


    Computing has many unique specializations providing an array of opportunities. Follow a common track to develop competencies in the areas of computer science, information systems and software engineering. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, more than one million systems-related professionals will be needed in the next 10 years. Meet this demand and create solutions to complex global problems with a computing degree.


    Are you innovative, inquisitive or analytical? A problem solver? Engineering may be for you. Engineering program options include biomedical, electrical, environmental, industrial, mechanical and software engineering. Our first-year curriculum is designed so that you will take core engineering courses that are common to all areas of engineering before being admitted to a particular area of focus. When you do make your decision, we are confident you will be well prepared to improve today’s infrastructure, products and technologies.


    Do you want to earn a degree in business? Not certain in which field? Exploratory business is the perfect program for you. The first two years of the Bachelor of Science in Business Administration degree program are the same across all 13 concentrations, so you can explore business from several vantage points, investigate career opportunities, talk to industry leaders, and find the best fit for your personal and professional goals.