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Md Tajmilur Rahman

  • Assistant Professor
    Software Engineering
  • Assistant Professor
    Computer & Information Science
  1. GCIS 658 - Data Analysis & Visualization
  2. CIS 377 / GCIS 522 - Mobile Application Development Java
  3. CSC 223 - Algorithm Design Lab
  4. CIS 223 - Data Structure and Algorithms
  5. SOFT 310 / GCIS 515 - Software Testing
  6. SOFT 410 / GCIS 634 - Software Maintenance
  7. SOFT 210 / GCIS 510 - Software Engineering and UML
  8. CIS 287 - Object Oriented Design
  9. CIS 180-181 - Object Oriented Programming Java

Ph.D. in Software Engineering

Concordia University, Montreal
SEPT 2013 - FEB 2018
Doctor of Philosophy in Software Engineering.
Supervisor: Dr. Peter Rigby


[1] Assistant Professor, Gannon University, Erie, PA
AUG 2020 - Present
As a tenure-track assistant professor besides teaching, I work on various research projects in software engineering (SE) and SE education as well as industry/government sponsored research projects.
I actively participate in technology incubator projects to work in government or privately funded projects

I teach software engineering and Data Science courses at both undergraduate and graduate levels.

I supervise graduate students for their research projects and lead to publications.
I supervise undergraduate senior design / capstone projects.
I also advise graduate and undergraduate students for courses/registration and academic career plan.
I advise the ACM student club, and help them participate in or organize various university events.

I serve in various Department, College, and University committees.

[2] Research Assistant — Concordia University, Montreal, QC
SEPT 2013 - FEB 2018
Worked as a research assistant and had 4 publications while studying for my PhD and working as a research assistant at Concordia University.



[1] Morgan Stanley, Montreal, QC — Technology Associate
OCTOBER 2018 - MAY 2020
Worked here as a senior software engineer for the back-end core system development of major financial operations management systems.
Mentored interns, collaborated with remote teams working in the same project
Led the release automation project to implement CI/CD architecture besides regular development work.
Used to contribute in the architectural decision making and project planning.

[2] PBSC Urban Solutions, Longueuil, QC — Software Developer (Java)
Worked as a software developer for the back-end development of the bike share software system.

[3] KLF Media Inc., Montreal, QC — Senior Software Developer
NOVEMBER 2014 - MAY 2017
Worked as a software developer and later as a senior software developer
Actively participated in Sprint Planning, Daily Scrum, Sprint Review and retrospective meetings in a team of 8-10 developers.
Worked as a lead developer and release engineer for multiple projects.

[4] Field Nation Ltd., Minnesota, MN — Software Project Manager
Worked in an Agile environment in a team of 14 developers.
Managed the team members and assisted them closely to progress their work smoothly to meet the deadline.

[5] Newage Infotech Services Ltd. — Software Programmer
MAY 2007 - APRIL 2009
Worked as a junior software developer. Developed web applications using HTML, CSS, PHP, MySQL and other web technologies.


Chair, IEEE Erie Section (2022-2024)

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My research interest focuses AI in Software Engineering, Software Architecture, Feature Management, Release Engineering, Software Quality & Testing, Data Mining, Software Engineering Education.

Program Committee

  • Program committee member for MSR 2023, Australia
  • Program committee member for SIGCSE TS 2023 Toronto, Canada.
  • European Software Engineering Conference and Symposium on the Foundation of Software Engineering, ESEC/FSE 2021 (
  • International Conference Mining Software Repositories, MSR 2022 (
  • International Conference Frontier in Education, FIE 2021, FIE 2022, FAMECSE 2022.

Session Judge/Chair

  • Served as a judge of the ACM Student Research Competition at  SIGCSE TS 2022, Rhode Island, USA
  • Served as a session chair at SIGCSE TS 2022, Rhode Island, USA

Professional Services

  • Chair @ IEEE Erie Section (Region 2, USA)
  • Advisor, ACM club @ Gannon University.
  • IRB Member, Gannon University

Community Service

  • Serving as a strategic planning committee member at a local community organization L’Arche (
Md Tajmilur     Rahman

Phone: 814-871-+1 8148717624
Office: Z 309

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