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Longyan Chen

  • Visiting Assistant Professor,
    Bio-Medical Engineering

Dr. Longyan (Larry) Chen’s research lies in developing miniaturized, low-cost, and high-performing biosensors, biomaterial systems, and micro-biosystems, for biomedical applications, including medical diagnosis, agri-food analysis, drug delivery, and advanced biomanufacturing. He has co-invented multiple patents and co-authored 29 publications in peer-reviewed journals and proceedings.

  • Biofluid Mechanics (BME467/GBME567)
  • Senior Design (BME350/IE435)
  • Bioengineering Laboratory (BME440)
  • Introduction to Engineering and Computing (ENG102)
  • Biomaterials (BME310)
  • Nanotechnology for Engineers (BME491)
  • University of Western Ontario, Ph.D. in Biochemical/Biomaterials Eng, 2014
  • Graduate University of Chinese Academy of Sciences, M.Sc. in Biochemistry, 2008
  • Nanchang University, B.E. Bioengineering, 2005
  • Biomedical Engineer, Scientist, Senior Scientist, to Director of Research Operations, Alentic Microscience Inc., Halifax, NS, Canada (2017 to 2022)
  • Postdoc fellow, McGill University, Montreal, QC, Canada (2016 to 2017)
  • Postdoc associate, University of Guelph, Guelph, ON, Canada (2014 to 2015)

Peer-Reviewed Journal Papers (†denotes equal contributions).

[J22] P. Song, P. Ou, Y. Wang, H. Yuan, S. Duan, L. Chen, J. Song, & X. Liu,  An ultrasensitive FET biosensor based on vertically aligned MoS2 nanolayers with abundant surface active sites. Analytica Chimica Acta, (2023) 341036.

[J21] C. Zhao†, L. Chen†, G. Zhong, Q. Wu, J. Liu and X. Liu, A portable analytical system for rapid on-site determination of total nitrogen in water. Water Research (2021) 202:117410.

[J20] Y. Wan, H. Fan, L. Gao, R. Li, M. Xie, C. Wu, L. Chen and G. Fu, The Change Mechanism of Structural Characterization and Thermodynamic Properties of Tannase from Aspergillus niger NL112 Under High Temperature. Applied Biochemistry & Biotechnology (2021) 193:2225.

[J19] B. Ying, S. Park, L. Chen, X. Dong, E. Young, and X. Liu, NanoPADs and NanoFACEs: an optically transparent nanopaper-based device for biomedical applications (2020) Lab on a Chip, 20:3322. (Back cover article)

[J18] L. Chen†, B. Ying†, P. Song, and X. Liu, A Nanocellulose-Paper-Based SERS Multiwell Plate with High Sensitivity and High Signal Homogeneity. Advanced Materials Interfaces (2019) 6:1901346. (Cover article)

[J17] L. Chen, Longyi Chen, M. Dotzert, C.W. J. Melling, J. Zhang. Nanostructured Biosensor Using Bioluminescence Quenching Technique for Glucose Detection, Journal of Nanobiotechnology (2017)15:59

[J16] L. Chen, Y. Bao, J. Denstedt, J. Zhang, Nanostructured Bioluminescent Sensor for Rapidly Detecting Thrombin, Biosensor & Bioelectronics (2015) 77:83.

[J15] X. Weng†, L. Chen†, S. Neethirajan, T. Duffield, Development of Quantum Dots-based Biosensor for towards Farm Detection of Subclinical Ketosis, Biosensor & Bioelectronics (2015) 72:140.

[J14] L. Chen, S. Neethirajan, A Homogenous Fluorescence Quenching Based Assay for Specific and Sensitive Detection of Influenza virus A Hemagglutinin Antigen, Sensor (2015) 15: 8852.

[J13] L. Chen, N. Mungroo, L. Daikuara, S. Neethirajan, Label-free NIR-SERS discrimination and detection of foodborne bacteria by in situ synthesis of Ag colloids, Journal of Nanobiotechnology (2015) 13:45.

[J12] Y. Chen, Longyi Chen, Longyan Chen, J. Zhang, Deposition of ZnO Nanocrystals on Fe3O4 Nanocubes and Their Special Luminescent and Magnetic Properties, Particle & Particle Systems Characterization (2015) 32:893.

[J11] Y. Chen, W. H. Tse, L. Chen, J. Zhang, Ag Nanoparticles-decorated ZnO Nanorod Array on a Mechanical Flexible Substrate with Enhanced Optical and Antimicrobial Properties, Nanoscale Research Letters (2015) 10:106.

[J10] L. Chen, A. Siemiarczuk, H. Hai, Y. Chen, G. Huang, J. Zhang, Development of Biocompatible and Proton-resistant Quantum Dots Assembled on Gelatin Nanospheres, Langmuir (2014) 30:1893.

[J9] J. Zhang, L. Chen, W. H. Tse, R. Bi, Longyi Chen, Inorganic Nanoparticles: Engineering for Biomedical Applications, IEEE Nanotechnology Magazine (2014) 8:21.

[J8] L. Chen, F. Razavi, A. Mumin, X. Guo, T-K. Sham, J. Zhang, Multifunctional Nanoparticles for Rapid Bacterial Capture, Detection, and Decontamination, RSC advance (2013) 3:2390.

[J7] L. Chen, A. Willoughby, J. Zhang, Luminescent Gelatin Nanospheres by Encapsulating CdSe Quantum Dots, Luminescence -Wiley publication (2013) 29:74.

[J6] L. Chen, J. Zhang, Development of Hydrophilic Magnetic Nanocubes, Science of Advanced Materials (2012) 4:859.

[J5] J. Zhang, X. Wang, L. Chen, J. Li, K. Luzak, Harnessing Nanostructured FRET Sensor for Quick Detection of Extremely Small Amount of Glucose, Journal of Diabetes Science & Technology (2012) 7:45.

[J4] J. Zhang, L. Chen, Nico Films with Perpendicular Magnetization Anisotropy Deposited on Dielectric Substrate by Using Polyol Process, Materials Letters (2011) 65: 2944.

[J3] L. Chen, J. Zhang, Bioconjugated Magnetic Nanoparticles for Rapid Capture of Gram-positive Bacteria, Journal of Biosensor & Bioelectronics (2012) S11:005.

[J2] L. Chen, H. Wei, Y. Guo, Z. Cui, Z. Zhang, X. Zhang. Gold Nanoparticle Enhanced Immuno- PCR for Ultrasensitive Detection of Hantaan Virus Nucleocapsid Protein, Journal of Immunological Methods (2009) 346:64.

[J1] J. Zhang, X. Lu, H. Wei, L. Chen, J. He, Z. Zhang, X-E Zhang, Z. Yu, Production And characterization of monoclonal antibodies to nucleoprotein of Marburg virus, Hybridoma (2008) 27:423.

Peer-reviewed Proceedings Full Paper(†denotes equal contributions)

[C6] C. Zhao†, L. Chen†, G. Zhong, Q. Wu, J. Liu, X. Liu, Rapid on-site determination of total nitrogen in water using a portable analytical system, The 23rd International Conference on Miniaturized Systems for Chemistry and Life Sciences (μTAS), 2019.10, Basel, Switzerland.

[C5] B. Ying, L. Chen, X. Liu, A highly-transparent nanocellulose-paper-based microfluidic device. The 22nd International Conference on Miniaturized Systems for Chemistry and Life Sciences (μTAS), 2018.11, Kaohsiung, Taiwan.

[C4] L. Chen, P. Song, X. Dong, X. Liu, Super-strong, self-healable and conductive nanofibrillated cellulose threads for wearable device application, The 22nd International Conference on Miniaturized Systems for Chemistry and Life Sciences (μTAS), 2018.11, Kaohsiung, Taiwan.

[C3] L. Chen, B. Ying, P. Song, X. Liu, A nanopaper device for highly sensitive and homogeneous SERS, The 21st International Conference on Miniaturized Systems for Chemistry and Life Sciences (μTAS), 2017.10, Savannah, GA, USA.

[C2] D. Zhan, Longyi Chen, W. H. Tse, L. Chen, and J. Zhang. Bioluminescence Resonance Energy Transfer (BRET) Based Nanostructured Biosensor for Tear Glucose Detection. The Proceedings of the International Conference of Theoretical and Applied Nanoscience and Nanotechnology (TANN'17), 2017.08, Toronto, ON, (DOI: 10.11159/tann17.122).

[C1] L. Chen, Longyi Chen, J. Zhang, Nanostructured Bioluminescence Quenching Sensor for Detecting Glucose. The 38th IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society (EMBC), 2016.08, Orlando, FL, USA.

Longyan         Chen

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