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GIFT Courses

  • GIFT (Gannon: Inspired Faculty-led Travel) Courses


    Gannon University students have the opportunity to earn academic credit while traveling the world through one of Gannon’s GIFT Courses

    GIFT Courses are courses taught by Gannon faculty that fulfill Liberal Studies Core requirements, major/minor requirements, and/or electives. These courses include 1-4 weeks of international or domestic travel to provide firsthand experience of or application to concepts learned during the course as well as facilitate the development of students’ cultural competencies.

    The structured travel experiences offered by GIFT Courses are a great way for students to dip their toes into domestic or international travel, especially if they’ve never traveled before. Students are able to enroll in GIFT Courses as early as the second semester of freshman year and will travel with Gannon faculty and their fellow classmates. 

    SP23 GIFT Courses

    Current Gannon students can read GIFT Course descriptions and obtain faculty contact information by visiting the Learning Abroad page on the portal.