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  • The core of the online MBA is 24 credits, with an additional 6 credits of electives. The MBA offers 4 different course elective options. Students can also choose elective courses from MHA, CYBER, MPA, or other online masters programs at Gannon. Options can be discussed with the Program Director.

    Online MBA Core Courses

    GMBA 601 Managerial Accounting

    3 credits
    Prerequisite: Foundations of Accounting
    A study of the accounting information utilized in the control and evaluation of managerial decision making. The focus is cost accumulation, cost allocation and control. Critical attention is placed upon budgeting, cost-volume-profit relationships, and variance analysis as they relate to production, working capital management, and marketing decisions.

    GMBA 631 Organizational Culture, Creativity and Change

    3 credits
    Prerequisite:  Foundations of Business Integration & Strategic Management

    The course addresses the application of the behavioral sciences to management. The focus is on the analysis of structure and behavior in work organizations as well as classical organizational theory.

    GMBA 641 Operations and Supply Chain Management

    3 credits
    Prerequisite:  Foundations of Quantitative Research Techniques and Statistics
    The course is designed to introduce students to the principles of operations and supply chain management and their application in decision making. The topics covered include logistics, transportation, inventory management, warehousing, materials management, global supply, demand management, project management, e-commerce,
    finance, and network design.

    GMBA 651 Strategic Marketing Management

    3 credits
    Prerequisites: Foundations of Marketing
    An examination of the marketing system and the use of various marketing applications such as marketing research, advertising research, and consumer behavior to assist the marketing manager in the major decision areas of targeting, product planning, channels of distribution, personal selling, pricing, promotion, branding, and
    development of integrated marketing programs.

    GMBA 661 Financial Management

    3 credits
    Prerequisites: Foundations of Quantitative Research Techniques and Statistics and Foundations of Business Finance

    A study of risk and risk management, including advanced analysis of the investment decision using the Markowitz portfolio model and the capital asset pricing model. Other areas of study include the financing and dividend decisions, sources of short and long term capital, and current asset management.

    GMBA 686 Leadership and Business Ethics

    3 credits
    Prerequisite: Foundations of Business Integration & Strategic Management

    A study of leadership theory and how it impacts relationships in the organization and organizational performance. This course will provide a critical investigation of the ethical issues associated with decision making.

    GMBA 736 Human Resource Management

    3 credits
    The knowledge, skills, and abilities of the workers in a firm are its most valuable resource. This course helps students recognize the strategic importance of human resource management. The student will explore contemporary techniques of resource analysis, testing, recruiting, selection, training, appraisal, and compensation planning, and will integrate these techniques with the strategic focus of the firm.

    GMBA 799 Business Policy and Strategy

    3 credits
    Prerequisite: Open only to students who are in their final semester of MBA course work.
    In this course, the student will apply functional expertise to actual strategic issues. The students will be challenged to assess real managerial problems, to integrate all of the skills developed in the MBA curriculum, and to develop well-reasoned, innovative, and practical solutions to these problems.

    Online MBA Elective Courses

    GMBA 735 Employee Relations and Employment/Labor Law

    3 credits
    Prerequisite: GMBA 631
    A survey of labor law issues designed to give the student a fundamental, practical, working knowledge of the impact of various federal, state and local laws on the workplace The distinctive nature of management of a unionized workforce will also be studied focusing upon union avoidance, certification and decertification elections, collective bargaining, arbitrations, and other elements of employee relations.

    GMBA 752 Consumer Behavior

    3 credits
    Prerequisite: GMBA 651
    Examines the social and psychological influences on individual, household, and organizational buyer behavior and explores models of buyer behavior and consumer research by applying them to marketing decision-making processes.

    GMBA 764 Investments

    3 credits
    Prerequisite: GMBA 661
    A survey of financial instruments and financial markets focusing on the risk and return characteristics of such financial instruments as stocks, bonds, options, futures, tax shelters, real estate, and precious metals.

    GMBA 774 Strategic Management

    3 credits
    Prerequisites: GMBA 631
    A study of how the organization plans for its long term survival based on analysis of the impact of changes in the economic, social, legal, competitive, and technological environments. Uses of long range strategic planning for competitive advantage are examined and discussed.

    Courses in the Master of Healthcare Administration (MHA), Master of Public Administration (MPA), Anti-Money Laundering (AML), or other online graduate programs are also available as electives upon approval by the Program Directors.