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Advertising Communication

  • Bachelor of Science
  • Minor
  • Erie, Pennsylvania
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  • Channel your Creativity into a Rewarding Career with an Advertising Communication Degree from Gannon University

    The art of advertising has been a part of the selling process for as long as people and organizations have exchanged desired products and services. In our globally connected marketplace today, the demand for advertising experts who can meet consumer needs is ever increasing. Gannon’s advertising communication program will lead you to master the principles of advertising and marketing to make your own mark inorganizations large or small, for-profit or nonprofit, local or international.

    • Polish your craft in the heart of Erie’s vibrant and growing online marketing community.
    • Increase your professional marketability through service-learning projects, internships and hands-on coursework.
    • Learn from faculty who have had successful careers in the disciplines they teach.

    Learn to Lead the Way in Advertising Communication

    • Master the integrated marketing communication model that combines the promotional mix of advertising, public relations, direct marketing, sales promotion and internet and social media.
    • Tailor your coursework for the type of marketing career you want to pursue.
    • Gain the promotional tools needed to ensure the knowledge and skills necessary for career success through class and project work.

    Experience an Exceptional Learning Environment

    • Gain real-world experience through a three-credit internship opportunity that is required prior to graduation.
    • The program’s location in the Center for Communication and the Arts puts access to the resources of all of the University’s communication, media and arts faculty and technology at your fingertips.
    • Get valuable experience through on- and off-campus placements that can be local, national or international.

    Inspire Your Academic Success

    Gain real-world knowledge through key advertising communication courses including:

    Fundamentals of Advertising: Gain a strong foundation in the building blocks of the business: creativity, integrated marketing communication, agency structure and media options.

    Principles of Public Relations: An exciting career as a public relations professional starts with this course, which will give you a foundation in public relations strategies and communication tools.

    Integrated Marketing Campaign Development: Student teams collaborate as an in-class agency to compete and win the account of an actual local nonprofit organization with the guidance of a local advertising professional.

    Achieve Your Possibilities

    Our advertising communication program is designed for your success. Through curriculum flexibility and high-quality educational opportunities, you can:

    • Build a portfolio of work that potential employers want to see beginning in your first year - a great advantage when you look for your first job.
    • Secure an in-demand career with client- and agency-side marketing, public relations and advertising organizations, with the government, or in the nonprofit sector.
    • Earn an average starting salary of $40,000 or mid-career salary of $79,400, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Student Learning Outcomes

  1. The student will be able to thoroughly research and write an extended form analytical paper.
  2. The student will be able to research, write, and deliver a sustained-form business presentation using appropriate rhetorical strategies and technology.
  3. The student will demonstrate and understanding of and participation in the patterns of scholarly and productive discussion using both interpersonal and professional skills.
  4. The student will design, organize, rehearse, and perform dramatic/or non-dramatic script material.
  5. The student will be able to identify and participate in the pre-production, production and post- production processes of theatre and the digital media.
  6. The student will identify and critically describe the historical context of the media and/or the theatre
  7. The student will recognize the need for adaptability/resilience in the theatre and the electronic arts, and be able to collaborate with faculty, peers, and technology to produce quality theatrical and digital projects.
  8. The student will recognize the relationship between the work of the School of Communication and the Arts programs and the mission of Gannon University.
Armin Comic

Armin Comic Advertising Communication

"The highlight of my program experience has been the opportunity to learn from many great educators and mentors from all fields of the communications industry. My program has prepared me to learn different techniques of the industry, such as how to properly present, write, conduct research, and work with different forms of media"

Chloe Forbes

Chloe Forbes School of Communication and Arts

"The faculty and staff ... have challenged me to step outside my comfort zone and develop my potential as a young creative mind in the field of journalism. (The program) will enhance your skill set to make you a valued and well-sought after member in many aspects of the emerging media."

  • Receive hands-on learning through real-world courses, projects and valuable internship experiences that prepare you to become a professional in the field.
  • 13:1Enjoy a personalized experience inspired by Gannon’s faculty experts and a low student-to-faculty ratio of 13:1.
  • Apply for generous financial aid packages and scholarship awards.

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