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Program Outcomes

  • Outcomes of the Foundation Curriculum

    Upon completion of the MPA Program, students should be able to:

    • appreciate broader environmental and contextual backdrops
    • apply both theoretical and experiential perspectives
    • leverage technology
    • understand global cultures and concepts
    • understand public policy practices
    • valuate policy outputs
    • understand strategic planning and budgeting
    • understand basic legal principles affecting all facets of public administration
    • understand the worlds of government, profits, and for nonprofits and how they interface
    • act with integrity and ethics in all aspects of daily life
    • interact with leaders and managers

    Track I: Administrative Outcomes

    Upon completion of this track, students should be able to:

    • understand accounting, financial management, marketing
    • understand quantitative analysis
    • analyze financial data and prepare operating budgets
    • collect data, understand statistical methodology, and analyze statistical data
    • evaluate the effectiveness of on-going programs
    • understand the concepts underlying the use of scarce resources

    Track II: Organizational Leadership Track Outcomes

    Upon completion of this track, students should be able to:

    • solve problems creatively
    • negotiate and bargain effectively
    • lead, motivate, and empower others
    • bring people to consensus
    • prepare a strategic plan
    • facilitate a visioning process
    • communicate effectively in listening, speaking, and writing
    • understand how leadership style affects the outcomes of policy implementation
    • understand the importance of community leadership/trusteeship