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Additional Opportunities

  • Online Elective Courses

    Gannon University offers a number of online courses that may be used as electives. These courses are offered at a significantly reduced cost from the tuition for the core courses. As always, these courses are based on the “teacher friendly” model that Gannon University has perfected. The elective courses are offered in a 14-week session, allowing students to spread out the classwork while taking two core classes in the 7-week format.  The courses will be taught utilizing the Gannon University practitioner model that emphasizes theory aligned to practical application. These courses stress the needs of Pennsylvania’s educational community and can be linked to school district initiatives. A listing of elective courses can be found at

    Gannon University Academic Partnerships

    Gannon University recognizes that many school districts in Pennsylvania are developing and delivering staff development programs to their professional educators that are rigorous, based upon current best practices of educational pedagogy, and worthy of graduate level credit. Under the Academic Partnership Program, the University will join and partner with IU’s and school districts to recognize those staff development programs that meet the University and PDE standards for graduate level work. This recognition will come in two ways:

    1. Gannon University will grant adjunct status to the District’s content experts who hold a master’s degree or doctorate degree. Once approved these educators will deliver the Academic Partnership courses
    2. Gannon University will grant graduate level credit for the approved courses.

    Additional Opportunities for Advanced Certification Programs

    Students in the M.Ed. in Curriculum and Instruction have six elective credits to take as part of this program.  The initial coursework for the Principal Certification, Reading Specialist Certification and English as a Second Language (ESL)  can be used for the elective requirement in the M.Ed.  for those individuals who wish to pursue an advanced certification.