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Program Outcomes

  • At the conclusion of the program of study leading to the degree of Doctor of Nursing Practice, the graduate will:

    • Be prepared in advanced nursing practice as culturally sensitive, competent, and safe practitioners and who deliver care and act as advocates for individuals, aggregates and communities of varying diversity and socioeconomic levels.
    • Effectively use technology, large aggregate data bases, and information systems to identify, use and create therapeutic nursing interventions that promote health and prevent disease.
    • Identify, analyze, and create evidence-based solutions to individual practice and organizational health care dilemmas.
    • Synthesize and utilize ethical, legal, political, and advocacy methodologies to positively impact health care practice and health care delivery systems.
    • Promote collaborative and multidisciplinary delivery of health care as members of teams and organizations across the health care arena.
    • Provide quality nursing leadership and serve as mentors to other nurses, from novice nurses to nurses in advanced practice roles