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Program Goals

  • Goals

    • Provide quality educational experiences in both didactic and clinical education settings that prepare students for entry-level professional competence.
    • Develop students that are active in ethical professional citizenship and promote involvement with athletic training organizations.
    • Develop health care practitioners that practice evidence based medicine and demonstrate interdisciplinary collaboration with other health professions.
    • Promote the profession of athletic training through service and leadership.


    • The program will provide quality education that produces graduates with the ability to independently practice in a variety of settings.
    • The program will establish, adopt, and disseminate content of 'best practice' within the profession of Athletic Training.
    • Students and graduates will demonstrate the ability to practice with cultural competence.
    • Students and graduates will demonstrate interdisciplinary collaboration within the current health care environment.
    • Students and graduates will demonstrate proficiency within the domains of athletic training, encompassing the knowledge, skills and abilities necessary to become a credentialed health care provider.
    • Students and graduates will be prepared to practice as reflective thinkers, ethical decision makers and responsible contributors to the profession and society.