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Admission Information

  • Gannon Internal and Early-Admission Candidates

    Students may be considered for early admission according to the following guidelines. Students are required to submit the Graduate Admission Application by January 15 of their junior year; they will be notified of admissions decisions by March 15th of their junior year. Students who meet early entry admission requirements will be provisionally accepted and will need to meet full acceptance requirements upon review of the spring transcript of the junior year. Accepted students will be eligible to take 500-level courses in the senior year as undergraduate students if they possess the following pre-requisite qualifications: 

    • Cumulative GPA of 3.0 overall and 3.0 in prerequisite coursework.
    • Prerequisite Courses (grade of C or better):
      • BIOL108/109: Essentials of Anatomy and Physiology I with Lab or BIOL122/123 Molecular and Cellular Biology
      • BIOL110/111: Essentials of Anatomy and Physiology II with Lab or BIOL124/125 Animal Form and Function
      • CHEM103/104: Chemistry of Life with Lab or CHEM111/112 General Chemistry
      • PSYC211 or MATH213: Statistics
      • SPRT130: Sport Nutrition
      • SPRT240: Sport Psychology
      • SPRT250: Exercise Psychology
      • SPRT310: Research Methods
      • SPRT360/361: Kinesiology with Lab
      • SPRT390/391: Exercise Physiology with Lab
      • SPRT414: Motor Learning and Development
      • SPRT415: Motor Learning and Performance

    External Candidates and Gannon Non-Early Admission Candidates 

    Students should apply by January 15 of the year of entry.  (After January 15, applications will be considered on a space available basis.)

    • Submit official transcripts showing an undergraduate degree in exercise science, kinesiology, human performance, sports medicine or related field.
    • Minimum 3.0 overall GPA and minimum 3.0 prerequisite GPA
    • Undergraduate work in the following courses is recommended:
      • Nutrition (1 course)
      • Exercise Physiology (1 course with lab)
      • Human Anatomy and Physiology (2 courses with Labs)
      • Psychology (2 courses)
      • Kinesiology or Biomechanics (1 course with Lab)
      • Exercise Testing & Prescription (1 course with Lab)
      • Research Methods and/or Statistics (1 course)
    • Three letters of recommendation