Diversity Service and Leadership Award

  • Be recognized for your service and leadership!

    Gannon University is proud to honor and encourage leaders of tomorrow through the Diversity Service and Leadership award. Students are invited to submit an essay concerning their service and leadership experiences in their various communities. Essay submission is required to be considered for competition financial awards.

    What to Expect:

    • Celebrate your leadership and service work while seeing how your involvement can continue at Gannon.
    • Learn about our new student group the Gannon University Diversity and Leadership Initiative. This club is a collaborative effort to foster a more diverse and inclusive campus community.
    • Hear about our innovative programs that ensure you will graduate with a degree that enables you to succeed.
    • Visit our exceptional learning environments where hands-on, interdisciplinary learning opportunities provide synergy that can help you grow.
    • Hear about our generous scholarship and financial aid packages including our Diversity and Service Leadership Award.
    • Write an essay detailing your leadership experiences to be considered for the Diversity and Service Leadership $3,000 annual award. If you are unable to attend this event, any visit to campus through the Office of Admissions in addition to the essay submission prior to May 1 will make you eligible for consideration for the $3,000 annual award.

    You are also invited join us for Knight with Scholars on February 19 and 20. This invitation only event is an opportunity for students like you to stay “overknight” with Gannon University students to find out what it’s really like to eat, sleep, study and even play at Gannon! (Registration for the Diversity and Leadership event also registers you for the Knight with Scholars event should you choose to stay.) For more information on Knights with Scholars and other visit opportunities please visit www.gannon.edu/visit.

    Eligibility Requirements:

    • Students must be minority students from a multicultural background to be eligible to compete.
    • Students must be high school seniors at the time of the contest.
    • Students must enroll as full-time, undergraduates at Gannon University directly upon graduation from high school.
    • Students must meet the full-time, regular admission requirements of the University.
    • Students must be citizens of the United States.
    • Deception in the competition will result in automatic disqualification and Gannon University holds the right to re-examine your application for entrance to the University.