Diversity Service and Leadership Award

  • Be recognized for your service and leadership!

    Gannon University is proud to honor and encourage leaders of tomorrow through the Diversity Service and Leadership award.  Students are invited to submit an essay concerning their service and leadership experiences in their various communities.  Essay submission is required to be considered for competition financial awards.

    What to Expect:

    • Students must submit an essay focused on their service and leadership experiences in their schools, communities, churches, etc.  Students should also include how they would see themselves continuing their service at Gannon.
    • Only students who submit an essay and are accepted to the University will be considered for selection to participate in the event.
    • The event will be a celebration of service work that students are involved in and an opportunity to see how their involvement can continue at Gannon.

    Once the event is complete, students are then invited to stay overnight on campus with a current student for our Knight with Scholars program. Separate registration is required and will open up after January 1, 2016. Please visit www.gannon.edu/events for more details on the Knight with Scholars event and to get to the registration link once registration opens.

    Eligibility Requirements:

    • Students must be minority students from a multicultural background to be eligible to compete.
    • Students must be high school seniors at the time of the contest.
    • Students must enroll as full-time, undergraduates at Gannon University directly upon graduation from high school.
    • Students must meet the full-time, regular admission requirements of the University.
    • Students must be citizens of the United States.
    • Deception in the competition will result in automatic disqualification and Gannon University holds the right to re-examine your application for entrance to the University.