Diversity Service and Leadership Award

  • Honoring your service and leadership in your community

    Gannon University is proud to honor and encourage leaders of tomorrow through our Diversity Service and Leadership award competition held on Monday, March 24, 2014. This award competition provides a possibility for qualified students of color, like you, to showcase your service and leadership in your community, and possibly win a full tuition award to attend Gannon University.

    In addition to one student winning a full tuition award, up to three of the highest student presenters will have their University awards increased by $4,000 and all others who participate will receive a $3,000 service and leadership award which can be added on top of other awards and scholarships already granted to students.

    During your down time, we encourage you to check out the sights of Erie, learn more about Admissions and Financial Aid or take a student-guided tour of Gannon’s campus. The day will include a catered lunch with many of Gannon’s faculty, staff and students in attendance.

    The presentation provides each participant the opportunity to talk about themselves and what they have done throughout their careers in high school. The presentation should emphasize community service and demonstrations of leadership that the student has engaged in previously, does so presently or plans to do in the future. The Waldron Campus Center, the central location to which Gannon’s students, faculty and staff relax and socialize with each other, will be the host location for the award competition.

    If you are interested in spending the night seeing the sights of Erie, we encourage you to contact the Sheraton Erie Bayfront Hotel. Please contact them at 814-454-2005 to reserve your room, and remember to mention that you are with Gannon University to receive a discounted room rate.

    For complete competition details please call the Office of Admissions at 814-871-7751.