• Gannon University has a number of graduate assistantships available to full-time students. Availability and application procedures vary by department. Below you will find the names of departments that offer assistantships, as well as a contact person and phone number. Please contact the department directly for more information, applicable deadlines, and upcoming openings.

    Graduate Assistantship Facts

    • Most graduate students receive a stipend and/or percentage of tuition waiver.
    • All positions are for one year, renewable for a second year by mutual agreement.
    • Graduate assistants in Student Living receive room and board.
    • The positions in the English Department are teaching assistantships and require teaching of College Composition and working in the Writing Center

    Departments with Assistantships

    Clinical Mental Health Counseling

    Dr. Timothy Coppock
    (814) 871-5793
    Preference is given to students pursuing a degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling.

    Computer and Information Science

    Dr. Mei-Huei Tang
    (814) 871-5393
    Students must be pursuing a degree in Computer and Information Science.

    School of Business

    Margie Unick
    (814) 871-7567

    Students must be pursuing a degree in Business Administration. View assistantship description and instructions.

    Office of the Dean of Humanities, Education and Social Science

    Bobbi Jo Fye
    (814) 871-7549


    Eileen Jolls
    (814) 871-7242
    Preference is given to students pursuing a degree in Education.


    Dr. Laura Rutland
    (814) 871-7532
    Students must have a Bachelor’s degree in English or at least 24 undergraduate credits in English.

    Environmental Health and Engineering

    Dr. Harry Diz
    (814) 871-7633

    Students must be pursuing the Master of Science degree in Environmental Health and Engineering to be eligible for an assistantship in the Environmental Health and Engineering Department.

    Occupational Therapy

    Dr. David LeVan
    (814) 871-7730
    Students must be pursuing a degree in Occupational Therapy.

    Organizational Learning and Leadership

    Dr. David Barker
    (814) 871-7700

    Physical Therapy

    Dr. Kristine Legters
    (814) 871-5641
    Students must be pursuing a degree in Physical Therapy. Deadline to apply is January 15. Positions include Athletic Trainers, Anatomy Laboratory Assistants and Motional Analysis Laboratory Assistants.

    Small Business Development Center (SBDC)

    Nikia Erhunmwensee
    (814) 871-7452

    Sport and Exercise Science

    Dr. Jason Willow
    (814) 871-7788
    Students must be pursuing a degree in  Sport and Exercise Science or Master of Athletic Training.

    Office of Residence Life

    Tina Lingerman
    (814) 871-7564
    Preference is given to students who have previous resident life experience, but it is not required.