Welcome from the President

  • President Official PhotoWelcome to Gannon University. You are connecting to our university community at a very exciting time.

    It is a time of fast-paced progress, achievement of significant milestones and tremendous forward motion. The energy and enthusiasm of the students, faculty and staff on campus is electric and is setting a great foundation for the future. That’s what we’re here to do:  to work together to build an exciting future for our university and our community by educating students to become talented professionals and socially responsible world citizens.

    This year Gannon University welcomed the largest total student enrollment in 22 years. That didn’t happen by accident. Our students arrive with a purpose and our faculty and staff work exceedingly hard, putting their hearts and souls into creating an environment that nourishes deep and hands-on learning--on and off--campus and ensuring that we are a good partners with our community.

    Our Catholic Intellectual Tradition is a cornerstone of the caring, innovative and passionate approach to teaching and learning that Gannon students and faculty enjoy. We are holding true to the tradition and Mission set forth by Archbishop John Mark Gannon and advancing that Mission and vision for growth and development of the human spirit at Gannon University. 

    Our strategic plan revolves around fostering innovation, engaging in the community and developing a worldview—all things that are reflected in the extraordinary growth of academic programs, facilities, student development and engagement activities and opportunities being built across the university. Each of these initiatives is directed toward bringing faculty and students together in collaborative scholarly and professional work in cutting-edge campus centers in preparation for their dive into the community-based learning they will encounter as part of their Gannon education.

    I encourage you to take a tour of campus, virtual or in person, and see the new buildings and major transformations in other key facilities, each serving as home to innovation and creative work. The new Recreation and Wellness Center and Fieldhouse are located across the street from a beautiful new residence, North Hall. The opening of the new Forensic Investigation Center adds a centerpiece for analytical skill development to the Criminal Justice program. The new Center for Communication and the Arts also opened this year, serving as a hub for award-winning student-run media outlets, the Gannon Knight newspaper and 90.5 WERG radio station, as well as the Schuster Art Gallery, enhancing an interdisciplinary group of dynamic communication and arts programs. Keep an eye out for the grand opening in the spring of the Center for Business Ingenuity that will integrate the terrific work of the Dahlkemper School of Business, Erie Technology Incubator and the Small Business Development Center.

    It’s important for our graduates to be honest, ethical citizens of the world. Our students and faculty are actively engaged in and making a huge difference in our local community. They are now, more than ever, also learning about the world and about themselves with a record number of international students from 40 nations here on campus and through expanded travel across the globe, serving and studying in places like Haiti, Guatemala, Australia, Thailand, Jordan and several European countries. The founding of the new Robert and Susan Barker Global Institute has accelerated this process of shrinking the world and bringing it home to Erie.

    Erie is home to our Gannon University family. That family of students, faculty and staff is growing together, becoming wiser, healthier, more caring—getting to know one another and getting to know God, all as part of the Gannon experience. Welcome to Gannon and we look forward meeting you and being transformed together through our sincere belief in ourselves, each other and in the possibilities!

    Best wishes,

    Keith Taylor, Ph.D.
    President, Gannon University