Board of Trustees

  • Most Reverend Lawrence T. Persico*
    Bishop of Erie

    Thomas C. Guelcher ’62, MBA ’76
    Vice Chairperson
    Properties Director
    Sisters of Mercy

    Mark Minnaugh ‘81
    Giant Eagle, Inc.
    Allison Park, PA

    Keith Taylor, Ph.D. *
    Gannon University

    Robert P. Barker ‘72
    Retired Executive
    Laguna Niguel, CA

    Candace (Horton) Battles ’93
    Retired Social Worker
    Harborcreek Youth Services

    Rev. Msgr. Robert L. Brugger
    St. George Church

    Marcia A. Dall
    Executive Vice President and CFO
    Erie Insurance Group

    Tina M. Donikowski ’85
    Vice President
    GE Transportation Systems

    Sr. Mary Drexler, SSJ ‘71VMC
    Villa Maria Academy

    Gwendolyn M. (Ralph) Garbarino, Esq. ’82
    Vice President and General Counsel
    eden inc.

    James E. Gehrlein ’72
    Retired Executive

    Rev. Scott Jabo
    Cathedral Prep/Villa Maria Academy

    Rev. Msgr. Andrew H. Karg
    Seneca, PA

    Elisa Konieczko, Ph.D*
    Gannon University Faculty Senate

    Brian Kurtz
    Alumni Association President

    Urban J. LaRiccia 59
    Private Investor
    Rancho Santa Fe, CA

    Thomas J. Loftus ’56, ’74M
    Retired Business Executive
    Cary, NC

    Susan M. Nedza, M.D. ‘80
    Vice President
    HealthyCircles, LLC
    Hinsdale, IL

    Dr. Richard G.  Orlando `76
    Columbus Ophthalmology
    Dublin, OH

    Thomas F. Power, Jr. ’63
    Retired Business Executive
    Green Oaks, IL

    Rev. Nicholas Rouch, S.T.D., ‘83
    Vicar for Education
    Diocese of Erie

    James J. Rutkowski, Jr. ’83
    General Manager/Treasurer
    Industrial Sales and Manufacturing, Inc.

    James A. Scozzie, Ph.D. ‘65
    Retired Business Executive
    Cleveland, OH

    Taylor Shaffer *
    Gannon University Student Government

    Timothy G. Shuttleworth
    President and CEO
    Eriez Magnetics

    Rev. Msgr. Robert J. Smith, JCL
    Vicar General
    Diocese of Erie

    Christopher B. Snyder ‘81
    Co-founder and CEO
    Spectrum Direct

    Antoinette Spevetz, M.D.
    Professor of Medicine
    Cooper Medical School of Rowan University

    Rev. Msgr. Richard J. Sullivan
    St. Andrew Church
    Erie, PA

    James F. Toohey, Esquire ’56
    Quinn, Buseck, Leemhuis, Toohey & Kroto Inc.

    Margaret A. “Meg” VanderLaan, `89
    Vice President of Corporate Communications
    MWH Global
    Broomfield, CO

    Sr. Mary Ann White, SSJ *
    Sisters of Saint Joseph of Northwestern

    William M. Zeitler ‘69
    Retired Business Executive
    New Canaan, CT

    * Ex-officio Members