Project Management One-Day Seminar

  • Overview

    May 19, 2015, 8:45 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. 
    Topic: Project Management
    Location: Gannon University, Yehl Ballroom
    Keynote Speaker:  Linda Domme, Trainer, Fred Pryor Seminars

    Project management is the art and science of making things happen. Effective project management requires quality planning, effective visual tracking, thorough monitoring and skillful teambuilding. Mastering these techniques will increase the success of every project.

    The project manager must lead a team on a journey, the project cycle, through its trials and triumphs to realize a vision. The entire team must be knowledgeable of the project management strategies and techniques to remain on task in order to ensure the project success.

    "Successful Project Management: PLAN, EXECUTE, EVALUATE."

    In this one-day seminar, participants will:

    1. Master the art of project planning and organize a project from start to finish
    2. Identify and use indispensable planning and scheduling tools
    3. Estimate time and costs with pinpoint accuracy
    4. Use proven communication skills to receive cooperation, support and resources 

    View the the seminar agenda for more information.


    Linda Domme

    Linda Domme believes that successful learning takes place when someone is working to develop a skill that can be used to solve an immediate problem. Domme engages the audiences by using their specific issues they are facing and addresses them in the content. She specializes in conflict and stress management, interpersonal communication skills, project management, customer service, team building and supervision skills.

    Domme is a retired member of the Air National Guard and has received numerous military awards for excellence. She is a successful project manager who has created and delivered content for numerous major companies in industries including government, healthcare, manufacturing, technology and marketing. Domme holds a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and Sociology and a Master of Business Administration.

    Attend this one-day seminar to discover new ways to perform old tasks that can greatly enhance your performance. Learn expert tips, strategies and techniques to help you meet challenges head-on as a confident professional. 


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