Mentoring Program

  • Gannon grads like you can show you the way

    What is the Mentoring Program?

    Mentoring is a great way to connect you with Gannon University alumni already working in your field of interest. Once you are established in your major, a mentor selected by the Mentoring Program can provide you with information and advice on what it takes to succeed in your chosen field.

    What is Expected of Students?

    Once you get the contact information for your mentor, you contact your mentor with questions prepared in advance about career-related topics. Professional behavior is expected when interacting with mentors.

    What is Expected of Mentors?

    Mentors provide information and encouragement. They share experiences and invite questions. Mentors are encouraged to provide prompt responses to you inquiries whenever possible. If possible, mentors may provide shadowing experiences as well. Mentors can show you the way so that you can more easily navigate the work world when you arrive there following graduation.

    How can you get involved?

    Schedule an appointment with the Center for Experiential Education. A counselor will meet with you to discuss your career goals and to connect you with alumni volunteers. You must have a declared major to participate in this program.