General Studies

  • If you are not fully ready for college based on SAT/ACT scores and/or high school grades, yet you remain determined to achieve a degree, Gannon’s general studies program can help you reach your academic potential. As a general studies student, you will have the opportunity to receive developmental assistance in preparation for admission to one of the degree-granting colleges at the University. Gannon provides curriculum, support services and a learning environment that enables committed students to succeed.

    Students in the program receive personal and academic support and guidance from the program coordinator. The coordinator’s primary role is to assist students through frequent individual contact and counseling. Students in the program also meet weekly for a group seminar. Gannon admits a limited number of students to this program, which allows the program coordinator ample time to address the needs of each student individually.

    Program Facts

    • Out of all general studies freshmen, 69 percent have transitioned into degree-granting colleges of the University.
    • An average of 64 percent of each general studies freshman class has earned a C average or better at the end of the first semester.
    • The general studies program is uniquely designed to further the University’s mission by fostering holistic development of all students through opportunities for personal growth, and by contributing to the intellectual development of each student.
    • The program helps motivate and empower students with the knowledge that they are capable of college work, and inspires them with confidence in their ability to become contributing members of their community, society and church.

    General Studies Curriculum

    All general studies students enroll in First Year Seminar (self development), a two-credit study skills, personal growth and career/life planning course. The course is designed to improve study skills, encourage self-identification of strengths and weaknesses and provide career counseling and clarification.

    Program Duration

    Students remain in the general studies program for a minimum of one semester or a maximum of three semesters.

    To apply for acceptance to one of the degree-granting schools of the University, students must achieve a minimum grade point average of 2.0 (C average). They must also demonstrate competency in courses related to the specific program for which they are applying. Some programs have additional requirements. Students will be informed of these requirements during their meeting with the program coordinator at Orientation. Students may request to enroll in their academic major after achieving the prescribed grade point average, demonstrating competency in related courses and being recommended by the program coordinator, with final approval from the Dean. This may occur as early as the end of the student’s first semester, but must occur by the end of the third semester.

    The general studies program is designed to enable students to complete degree requirements within the standard time frame for their major. Bachelor’s degrees may be completed in four years. However, some students may take longer based on their needs and the length of time spent with the program. Course requirements and sequencing of the program in which the student intends to major may also affect graduation dates. Most students will graduate with their class; others are not expected to take more than an additional semester or two.

    Campus Activities

    The purpose of the general studies program is to develop the skills necessary to ensure academic success and make college a positive experience. Therefore, students should consider the time commitment involved when deciding to participate in extracurricular activities such as athletics, campus organizations and fraternities or sororities while enrolled in general studies.