Internships and Work Programs

  • General Education Programs

    • All teacher education programs at Gannon University are infused with a variety of field experiences (i.e., practicum, clinical experience). Field experiences begin as early as the first semester and include opportunities to observe and assist in learning environments. Gannon is located within walking distance of several public, private, and parochial schools and child-care centers. Suburban schools are located within ten minutes of the University, and rural schools are located within twenty-five minutes.
    • Field experiences are planned intentionally to interface with specific program courses. The practicum placement consists of observation and experiential learning. Candidates perform routine tasks assigned by their classroom teachers. Subsequent full-day placements provide opportunities for teacher education candidates to work with a wide range of diverse learners in a variety of geographic settings. Typical field activities include individual tutoring, working with small groups, whole-class instruction, creating lesson plans, developing instructional materials, and engaging in professional reflection. The culminating clinical experience is student teaching, which occurs during the fall or spring semester of the senior year. Gannon’s student teaching program is a full 14 weeks, providing teacher candidates with more experiential learning time than is required by the Pennsylvania Department of Education.
    • In addition to structured field experiences, teacher candidates at Gannon have a wide variety of opportunities to gain additional practical experience through volunteer work with community organizations in the Erie area. Candidates also have opportunities for professional development and service activities through membership in four student organizations: Gannon University Society for Exceptional Children, Kappa Delta Pi International Education Honors Society, Pennsylvania Student Education Association, and Future Educators Association.
  • Early Childhood Education Programs

    • Gannon’s unique developmental field experiences provide a practical hands-on application of knowledge with a diverse population of young children across all socioeconomic and cultural levels.