Housing Costs

  • Housing Cost Per Semester (9 Month Contracts)

    Please note that these costs are based on the Fall 2016 and Spring 2017 semesters. Cost includes a $5/semester Activity Fee and a $25/semester Laundry Usage Fee; Finegan, Wehrle & West Hall also include a $40/semester microfridge fee.

     Housing Type  Cost
    Finegan Hall Single: $3,470 Double: $3,020
    Wehrle Hall Single: $3,335 Double $2,860
    West Hall             Single: $2,885
    North Hall Single $4,335 Double $4,030
    Greek Housing (AST, DKE, PSS) Single: $2,940 Double: $2,740
    Bishop Troutman House Single $3,875 Double $3,285
    Freeman Hall, Kenilworth Apartments, Lubiak Apartments, Wickford Apartments Single: $3,875 Double: $3,285
    Harborview Apartments Single $4,190 Double $3,775
    Walker Hall Single Apartment $4,110 Single Room:$3,485
    202-204 & 210 West 8th Street Single: $3,875
    301 West 5th Street & 632 Sassafras Street Single: $3,875 Double: $3,285


    Housing Application Fee

    This is a one-time, non-refundable fee of $100 that is applied to a student’s first semester bill.

    GU Connect Fee

    The GU Connect Fee of $165 is a recurring charge for all students that live on campus.