• Erie-GAINS Celebrates Community Partners

      Gannon University's Erie-GAINS program recently held a celebration for our community partners, in collaboration with the Center for Social Concerns and Service-Learning, in the Yehl Ballroom. The purpose of this event was to thank community partners for their support and collaboration and reflect on the year together.

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    • 2016-02-25 ECO Conductor Search

      Erie Chamber Orchestra Begins Search for New Music Director 2016-01-25 Matthew Kraemer, only the second music director in the Erie Chamber Orchestra's 37-year-history, has announced that the 2016-17 season will be his last. Kraemer joined the Erie Chamber Orchestra at the end of 2012 after the death of

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    • 2016-01-17 MLK Day

      Gannon University Celebrates Martin Luther King Day 2016-01-17 Each year, the Gannon University community gathers to commemorate the life and work of the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. Students, faculty and staff observe the Martin Luther King with events that offer an occasion to reflect on what Dr. Ki

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    • 2016-01-15 ECO Adaptations Program

      Gannon University’s Erie Chamber Orchestra Welcomes First Soloist of 2016 Season 2016-01-15 Everybody knows the names of the immortal instrumental virtuosi of the 19th-century, pianist Franz Liszt and the demonic violinist Niccolò Paganini among them. But who today remembers Bohumir Kryl? James Th

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    • 2015-12-04 Schuster Gallery Changing Seasons Show

      Gannon University Schuster Gallery Opens Changing Seasons 2015-12-04 Changing Seasons, an exhibition of watercolors by Lee Steadman, will open at Gannon University's Schuster Gallery, 700 Peach St., on Dec. 4 with a public reception at 7 p.m. The exhibition features 18 works by the McKean, Pennsylvan

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    • 2015-12-04 Light Up A.J.'s Way

      Gannon University Lights Up A.J.'s Way 2015-12-03 Gannon University is flipping the switch on the Christmas season with the annual Light Up A.J.'s Way event on Friday, Dec. 4 at 6:30 p.m.  A.J.'s Way is located between W. Seventh and W. Eighth streets between Peach and Sassafras streets. Hundreds

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    • 2015-12-04 Erie Chamber Orchestra Holiday Concert

      Gannon University’s Erie Chamber Orchestra Welcomes Guest Artist 2015-12-04 Steven Stull, the guest artist for Saturday's 7:30 p.m. Erie Chamber Orchestra concert at Cathedral Prep Auditorium, is a serious opera singer with credits that range from Cooperstown, New York's innovative Glimmerglass Opera t

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  • Overview

     Erie Gains LogoGannon University has a rich history of service to Erie and the surrounding community. In the summer of 2010, Gannon took its commitment to service and to the community one step further with the launch of the Erie-Gannon Alliances to Improve Neighborhood Sustainability (Erie-GAINS) initiative, a long-term, mutually beneficial community initiative designed to expand the University’s efforts to support the common good of our neighborhood. While the University will continue to serve throughout the Erie region, across the United States and in various countries, Erie-GAINS will aid the University in focusing its efforts to maximize its impact in a well-defined, contiguous and manageable University neighborhood.

    Erie-GAINS coordinates strategic initiatives between the University, government agencies, community organizations and businesses to stimulate positive change and improve the sustainability and viability of downtown Erie and the neighborhoods surrounding campus. The initiative will bring greater focus to Gannon's existing efforts aimed at experiential learning, such as internships and co-ops, service-learning projects, civic engagement, community service, research and programming by focusing on urban development issues including, but not limited to, education, health and well-being, the economy, public safety, neighborhood revitalization and the environment.


    • To intentionally coordinate Gannon’s community interactions so that they are productive, proactive, more meaningful and increasingly focused on the Erie-GAINS Neighborhood;
    • To focus social and civic engagement efforts and community partnerships to support the Erie-GAINS neighborhood, neighbors, schools, centers of worship and other organizations; and
    • To align the planning of the University with the challenges of the neighborhood through the concentration of University efforts (service-learning, faculty and student research, internships, course curriculum and targeted academic program development) in the neighborhood.

    Goals and Objectives

    • Further increase the mission-oriented development of students, faculty and staff.
    • Focus academically-based social and civic engagement efforts (internships, service-learning, service, research, programming) and community partnerships to support the common good of the Erie-GAINS neighborhood.
    • Be a key partner with the City of Erie, non-profits, businesses, centers of worship, and schools in improving and revitalizing our downtown Erie neighborhood.
    • Create a continuum of opportunities for engagement that provide shared knowledge and results that will benefit residents, the community and the University.
    • Fundamentally change the targeted community to become a place where people want to live.


    • The University will adopt holistic and interdisciplinary approaches to community development.
    • Gannon will be a primary partner working to shape a sustainable community.
    • The University will grow and institutionalize service and service-learning projects in the targeted neighborhood.
    • Gannon graduates will go on to become leaders in the community and with national and international organizations where they will continue to develop and nurture civic and social engagements.
    • Neighborhood residents will see Gannon as a partner and the University of Choice.
    • Incoming students will select Gannon as the University of Choice for its commitment to their development as well as its commitment to the community.
    • Neighborhood characteristics (quality and affordable housing, safety, etc) will improve.
    • Neighborhood amenities will be developed or enhanced.
  • Erie-GAINS

    Phone: 814-871-5584
    Toll Free: 1-800-426-6668

    Office Location:
    Old Main
    109 W. Sixth St.