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     Gannon's Theatre Program is heading back to Scotland in August 2017!

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        Gannon's Theatre Program will be returning to participate in the International Collegiate Theatre Festival (ICTF) in August 2017.  ICTF is a 12 day experience  that runs in conjunction with the Edinburgh Fringe Festival - the world's largest performing arts festival - held each August in Edinburgh, Scotland.  ICTF was developed to offer college and university the opportunity to perform and gain global perspectives in an international experience that compliments collegiate performing arts programs.  In 2017, Gannon's Theatre program will be returning for a third participatory trip to Edinburgh, having first been invited to participate in the inaugural ICTF in 2011.  We are committed to returning on a 3-year cycle, giving all of our students the opportunity to participate in ICTF at least one time during their college career.


        This August, in preparation for participating next summer, Jax Vadney (Technical Director and Design Faculty) will be travelling to Edinburgh to participate in the ICTF Familiarization Tour (FAM).  This 4 day submersion experience allows program directors to experience ICTF on an abreviated schedule, meet with ICTF staff and technical crew, tour performance venues, and gain knowledge about the experience the students will have in the upcoming year.  FAM allows directors to meet with the other colleges and universities that will be participating in a year, discuss production concerns, network, and develop plans for fundraising, international travel, and more.  

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        Gannon's production of APE/ESSENCE written by Fr. Shawn Clerkin, Director of Theatre, is a new work being created this coming academic season.  Based on Aldous Huxley's novel "Ape and Essence", Clerkin will be writing an adaptation that will incorporate puppetry, performance art, devised theatre, and more.  This production will be produced at the Schuster Theatre in April 2017 and then will be the production that will travel and be performed at ICTF in August 2017.


        To learn more about the ICTF Experience, please visit


        For questions and information about Gannon's participation, how you can get involved as a current Gannon student, or if you would to make a donation to support the travel program, please contact Jax Vadney at

     Gannon's Schuster Theatre Hosts 7th Annual Fringe Fest Erie!

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     In 2010, Gannon University's Theatre Program held it's first Fringe Festival, then called "The Mini Fringe".  But where did the idea for a Fringe Festival in Erie come from?

    Fringe at Gannon started when Gannon's Theatre Program, under the direction of Fr. Shawn Clerkin, was invited by the International Collegiate Theatre Festival (ICTF) to take part in their inaugural season in Edinburgh, Scotland in August 2011.  Excited about the opportunity for Gannon students to perform on an international stage, Fr. Clerkin accepted the invitation and committed to Gannon's participation at the Edinburgh Fringe every three years.  In the summer of 2010, Fr. Clerkin traveled to Edinburgh to experience the festival atmosphere, to meet other American college and university participants, and to get an idea of what ICTF would be.  He returned to the states excited about the year ahead for our students as they prepared to travel to Scotland to perform at ICTF 2011.  

    As Fr. Shawn shared his experiences with our students, telling them of finding theatre shows at the Edinburgh Fringe in every cafe, theatre, pub, and bookshop, their excitement started to build.  They were excited about what they would experience, see, and do once they arrived at Scotland.  The idea of one city exploding with theatre artists and performances in every corner and venue one could find sparked an energy on Gannon's campus that became the first Mini Fringe.  Students wrote new works that they directed, performed, designed, produced, and marketed - all under the watchful eyes of Fr. Clerkin and fellow faculty/staff.  The Fringe at Gannon was born!

    Over the last 7 years, The Mini Fringe has changed its format and leadership, now being produced by Jax Vadney, with guidance by Fr. Clerkin.  The number of student shows included has ranged from 3-10 per fringe season, and after the first year, local professional theatres were invited to join in the annual event.  Even the name changed to Fringe Fest Erie.  

    But while details and size may have changed, the intent of Fringe Fest has remained at its core: to produce a fringe festival that allows our students the opportunity to experience what it would be like to produce and perform a show at ICTF, but on a local scale.  Throughout the years, we have held productions across the Gannon Campus, in Waldron, Palumbo, Mary Seat of Wisdom, Zurn, and, of course, the Schuster Theatre.  Our students have had years of learning how to produce theatre shows that can tour, and how to adapt to being in a variety of venues.  We are always looking for a new place to perform, a new way to bring something new to Fringe Fest Erie.  Fringe Fest teaches them not only what it is like to be a part of the Edinburgh Fringe while staying in their own backyard, it allows them to take on all aspects of producing theatre (from writing to directing to performing to designing).  We are ecstatic to see where Fringe Fest Erie will grow in the years to come as our students continue to push boundaries in producing theatre as a part of Fringe Fest Erie.

    Fringe Fest Erie returns to Gannon's Campus and Downtown Erie February 1-24, 2017.  We have an early kickoff this year with a production of KING CHARLES III, being produced by our friends at Dramashop.  KING CHARLES III opens January 27.  

    More details about KIING CHARLES III and all of our Fringe Fest Erie 2017 productions will be posted shortly.  We are currently finalizing details on our schedule.  Please check back in with us here, or on Facebook for more up to date postings and show information soon.  



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