Gannon University Gives Gift to the City of Erie

City_Contribution_Check_PresentationPosted: October 29, 2013
(left to right) Gannon President Keith Taylor, Ph.D., Erie Fire Department Chief Tony Pol, Chief of Police Randy Bowers and Erie Mayor Joseph Sinnott   

Gannon University is giving back to the City of Erie today. The University announced  a cash contribution of half a million dollars, which will be used for public safety initiatives. The economic impact resulting from the subsidy will occur over the span of the next five years. "The contribution, which will be made in five annual contributions of $100,000, will be used to defray the costs of public safety equipment," said Joseph Sinnott, Erie Mayor.

"Gannon University is vitally committed to supporting the health and vibrancy of the City of Erie," said Gannon President Keith Taylor, Ph.D. Taylor said that the contribution comes as the culmination of several months of discussion between the University and city officials.

"As the only university in Erie's downtown area, we recognize the futures of Gannon University and of the city are impossible to separate. Therefore, an investment in the city is an investment in the future of Gannon for our students, faculty and staff."

The contribution is subsequent to a similar series of annual contributions that were made beginning in 2010. Those contributions, which totaled $250,000 over three years, were used to purchase vehicles and equipment for the Erie Bureau of Fire and the city of Erie Police Department.

Taylor pointed to the creation of the Erie-Gannon Alliances to Improve Neighborhood Sustainability (Erie-GAINS) initiative, which coordinates strategic initiatives between the University, government agencies, community organizations and businesses to stimulate positive change and improve the sustainability and viability of downtown Erie and the neighborhoods surrounding campus.

Erie-GAINS initiatives in the City of Erie include a tutoring program for more than 50 students, the after-school program at Martin Luther King Community Center, the GoCollege program that provides academic support and mentoring for high school students at Strong Vincent High School that prepares students to transition into post-secondary education, and assists with college applications and career guidance, and the Club Fit program for girls at East High, an after-school fitness program in a renovated exercise room, as well as instruction in overall wellness, health education and healthy food options to facilitate success in participants at many levels including self-confidence, self-esteem and positive behaviors and academic success.