Upon Arrival

  • Where is check in?

    • All students and parents check in between 1:00-3:00 p.m. in the lobby of Finegan Hall (124 West 5th Street). Participants residing on campus will also check into their rooms at this time.

    What about parking during orientation?

    • A parking pass will be available to orientation participants at the registration area in Finegan Hall on Sunday. The pass will be valid for the duration of the program and will enable you to park in one of the designated Erie Parking Authority municipal ramps.

    When do I get my student ID?

    • You will have your picture taken for your photo ID during orientation. After you have checked in, proceed to the Campus Police & Safety Office to have your photo ID taken.  Gannon’s official student ID card is called the GU Gold Card. A debit strip is on the back of the card which allows money to be put on the card for various purposes. You will receive your GU Gold Card before the end of your orientation session.