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    Possibilities Abroad

    Gannon: Inspired Faculty-led Travel (GIFT)

    Earn academic credit while traveling the world on one of Gannon's faculty-led travel courses. Courses are offered year-round and satisfy program requirements and/or electives. Find out more by looking at our GIFT Brochure!

    2015-2016 Faculty-led Travel Courses

    Fall Semester

    UPPSALA, SWEDEN: Global Project Management (CIS 353)*

    Faculty leader: Dr. Stephen Frezza

    This course focuses on experiential learning emphasizing project management of IT-related projects with remote, multi-national teams using an open-ended group project approach. Students participating in this course will be co-developing software and software-related deliverables with other remote teams (typically two). The project is primarily sourced in Uppsala, Sweden. This course emphasizes leadership, teamwork, project and requirements management and cross-cultural competencies. For information contact frezza001@gannon.edu.

    Winter Break

    INDIA: OTs on a Mission (GOCCT 522)*

    Faculty leader: Dr. Lynne Oberle

    The Occupational Therapy students visit the Mercy Home Orphanage, run by the Sacred Heart of Jesus Convent. This orphanage houses between 80 and 120 children, ranging in age from 4 years through adulthood. The OT students will assess the children’s physical impairments to develop and provide appropriate therapeutic interventions, including but not limited to range of motion, oral motor skills, and transfer skills. The sisters will also be trained to ensure the longevity of the program once the OT students return to the United States. For information contact oberle001@gannon.edu.

    Spring Semester

    Spring Semester courses with travel over Spring Break

    SAN SALVADOR ISLAND, BAHAMAS: Tropical Marine Biology (BIOL 383)*

    Faculty leaders: Dr. Greg Andraso, Dr. Mike Ganger

    The Tropical Marine Biology travel study field course occurs yearly and is a special Spring Break program offered by Gannon University in cooperation with the Gerace Research Centre on San Salvador Island, Bahamas. The course centers around daily field trips to various habitats on the island including shrub lands, mangroves, caves, tidal pools, coral reefs, turtle grass flats, and inland ponds. For information contact: andraso001@gannon.edu or ganger001@gannon.edu. 

    IMMOKALEE, FLORIDA: Catholic Social Teaching Immersion (THEO 355)

    Faculty leader: Dr. Jimmy Menkhaus

    Catholic social teaching is an important, yet often overlooked, area of Church teaching. With the election of Pope Francis, the social teachings of the Church have experienced a renewed interest. Immokalee is a small town of migrant farm workers, where, as recently as 2008, cases of modern day slavery were still being prosecuted. The conditions of the workers and history of their oppression create an ideal location for students to learn about the application of Catholic social teaching in the “real world.” This is a spring semester course with a spring break travel component.  For information contact: menkhaus001@gannon.edu.


    INDIA: Cultural Immersion—Health Care in India (NURS 416)*

    Faculty leader: Mrs. Dawn Joy

    Junior and senior nursing students and faculty travel to Dindugal, India for a cultural immersion experience, where they collaborate with their counterparts at the Sacred Heart of Jesus School of Nursing to explore the health care system and practices as well as food, dance, and temples of southern India. Students provide a health camp for local villages and spend time in both the clinical and community practice sites of their Indian peers. This course may be used to meet the Leadership Seminar requirement or as an elective in their nursing program of study. This course travels over spring break with group meetings before and after the trip. For information contact: joy002@gannon.edu.

    Spring Semester courses with travel after the semester's conclusion

    POLAND AND PRAGUE: Good & Evil: Reconciling the Holocaust (LBST 383/LTHE 265)*

    Faculty leaders: Dr. Jeff Bloodworth, Dr. Jimmy Menkhaus

    Good & Evil: Reconciling the Holocaust: is a cross-disciplinary course that satisfies either the liberal studies capstone (LBST 383) or theology II requirement. In May, faculty and students will travel to Poland and Prague (the Czech Republic). In Poland, students will visit the cities of Warsaw and Krakow, the Auschwitz and Treblinka death camps, and various Jewish and Polish cultural sites. Students will also have the opportunity to learn about Jewish-Catholic reconciliation, as well as partake in an on-sight service project.  The study tour will culminate in Prague where students and faculty will reflect and tour one of the Europe’s most historic cities. For information contact: bloodwor003@gannon.edu

    SAN JUAN, PUERTO RICO: Spanish for Medical Professionals (SPAN 238)*

    Faculty leaders: Dr. Martha Kosir, Dr. Tania Flink

    This spring semester course with a 10-day travel component to Universidad del Sagrado Corazón in San Juan, Puerto Rico, in May, includes Spanish language instruction, study of health care in Latin America, and service-learning activities. The course is open to all majors with the appropriate language background (SPAN 112 or 3-4 years of high school Spanish), who are interested in working in health care-related professions (administrative positions included). In addition to health science majors, other majors for whom the course could prove to be very beneficial are Social Work, Criminal Justice, and Business majors. For information contact: kosir001@gannon.edu.


    ICELAND: Climate Change in the Land of Fire and Ice (LBST 383)*

    Faculty and staff leaders: Dr. Michelle Homan, Mrs. Gretchen Fairley

    This senior capstone course will explore how the unique island nation of Iceland is creating sustainability initiatives aimed at the significant and observable impacts of climate change. In Iceland, students will tour alternative energy facilities and meet with government officials and organizations that are leading Iceland to adapt to climate change and mitigate its detrimental effects. Sites will include a geothermal power plant and carbon sequestration operation, plus natural wonders that have connections to climate change, such as glaciers, volcanoes, and geothermal pools. For information contact: homan001@gannon.edu or fairley002@gannon.edu.


    ENGLAND AND WALES: Introduction to Literature, a Travel Course (LENG 247)

    Faculty leaders: Dr. Doug King, Fr. Shawn Clerkin

    Introduction to Literature helps students develop an appreciation, understanding, and evaluation of literature as it reflects human experience in diverse cultural contexts. This course focuses on the essential elements of prose, drama, and poetry. This spring offering will explore the rich literary tradition flowing from England and Wales, including works by Shakespeare, Eliot, Wilde, Rowling, and more. Students will experience the glories of London, Stratford, Bath and Stonehenge, as well as the beautiful bays, castles, and waterfalls of southern Wales during their May travels. For information contact: king023@gannon.edu.


    THAILAND: Living the Gannon Mission in Thailand Leadership Seminar (LHES 240)*

    Faculty leader: Dr. Kathy Kingston

    This leadership seminar situates leadership and Catholic social justice within an international community. It requires the application of leadership skills and knowledge while learning about the situation of the Thail people. Students travel to Thailand, the Land of Smiles, for three weeks in May to help students in the Catholic schools in Thailand learn to speak and understanding English through teaching in the students’ classrooms and conducting an English camp. The course meets 5 times throughout the spring semester by appointment before travel in May. For information contact: mchugh002@gannon.edu.


    BEIJING, CHINA: Sport, Wellness and Recreation in China (SMGT 372)

    Faculty leader: Dr. Eric Brownlee

    This course is an exploration of the Chinese culture and experiences in being the world leader in sports, recreation and wellness; it will examine the historical and contemporary role of sport business on the national stage through visitation and understanding of a modern Olympic Host (2008), an expanding hub for U.S. sports globally (NBA China) and examining an American company (AEG Global), the theories and practices of international sports management, and issues in international sport management. For information contact: brownlee001@gannon.edu.


    MERIDA, MEXICO: A Vision for Merida, Mexico (NURS 416)

    Faculty leaders: Dr. Lisa Quinn, Professor Karen Lumia

    This course has been developed to reestablish the Villa Maria School of Nursing’s relationship with the Mission of Friendship in Merida, Mexico as a collaborative learning experience. It will enhance the students’ cultural awareness and globalization. They will be involved in health education, home visits, and observation of health care delivery systems, as well as a visit to a local nursing school and participation in a service project. Students will be immersed in the culture and will reflect on their experiences in the Mexican culture and how it affects their understanding of the similarities and differences in our health care system. For information contact: quinn002@gannon.edu or lumia001@gannon.edu.


    YELLOWSTONE NATIONAL PARK: Field Zoology/Biology Travel Studies (BIOL 384)*

    Faculty leaders: Dr. Steve Ropski, Professor David Gustafson

    This course will examine many aspects of Yellowstone National Park. Topics to be covered include grizzly bears, wolf reintroduction, impact of fires, geysers and past volcanic activity, geological history including earthquakes, and the herbivores of the park (bison, moose, antelope, and elk). The program will be joined by experts in each area who will spend time with the class. Students will attend lectures throughout the spring semester and the course will travel in June. For information contact: ropski001@gannon.edu or gustafso002@gannon.edu.


    ROME, ITALY: Roman Mythology: On Site in Rome

    Faculty leader: Dr. Phil Kelly

    New in 2016: this course, intended to fulfill a core requirement, will be a four-week summer program based in Rome, Italy. Students will learn about Roman Mythology via classroom sessions and lessons taught on-site by Gannon faculty at some of Rome’s most notable monuments, churches, and ruins. The group will also take a number of day trips to cities such as Assisi, Pompeii, and Florence as part of the program’s course of study. The course meets by appointment throughout the spring semester before travel during the summer. For information contact: mchugh002@gannon.edu.


    PARIS, FRANCE: The Art of Film (LFIN 254.99) [Honors Program]

    Faculty leaders: Dr. Ann Bomberger, Mr. Jack Marcus

    Honors students will explore the City of Lights and the birthplace of cinema: Paris! In the spring semester, we will discuss French films and culture. In May, we will travel to Paris to experience the culture, eating the food, taking a cruise down the Seine, enjoying the Museum of Cinema, and much more. No knowledge of French is required; however, Mr. Marcus teaches French and can assist those who would like to use this as an opportunity to strengthen their French. Counts toward a Fine Arts requirement and honors requirements.   For information contact: honors@gannon.edu.


    JORDAN: The “Burnt Palace:” Preservation of Culture /Global Community Engagement (ARCH 39X)

    Faculty leader: Dr. Suzanne Richard 

    This spring course with travel in May offers students a unique opportunity to be global citizens in an international community outreach project as they learn about the importance of preserving cultural heritage and educating local communities. Students will participate in an archaeological dig to restore the “Burnt Palace” in Madaba, Jordan and become immersed in Middle Eastern culture, collaborating with students from Gannon’s partner, the American University of Madaba (AUM). For more information contact: richard002@gannon.edu.


    JORDAN: Dig the Bronze Age: Archaeological Excavations at Khirbat Iskandar  (ARCH 396)*

    Faculty leader: Dr. Suzanne Richard 

    Join this internationally acclaimed dig for the adventure of your life, as we continue to uncover the 5000 year old city of Khirbat Iskandar, Jordan. You will develop a host of skills on this scientific expedition, such as surveying, drafting, photography, documentation, excavating, as well as leadership. Become culturally aware of modern global societies as well, as you immerse yourself in the daily life of our “home” in the quaint town of Madaba. There will be lectures and orientation in the spring semester and travel will be in July 2016 (4-5 weeks). For more information contact: richard002@gannon.edu.



    Summer Semester

    LILLE, FRANCE: Business Management (MGMT 375)

    Faculty leader: Dr. Constantine Kliorys

    The course (in English) will be a 40 hour, 4 week summer course (in June, 2016) at the Catholique Université de Lille, France. The course has been developed jointly and will be taught jointly by a French professor and Dr. Kliorys. It will cover and contrast European leadership and management styles versus those in the U.S. Additionally, French language classes will be provided in the mornings for students at all levels of French language knowledge (including none). Field trips to Beligum, Bruges, and Brussels (capital of European Union) and WWI battlefields are included in the program. The student body will consist of Gannon University students and international students from the Catholique Université de Lille. For information contact: kliorys001@gannon.edu.