Honors Program

  • A rich educational experience for highly motivated students

    The goal of Gannon's Honors Program is to provide an exciting educational experience for academically talented and highly motivated students by challenging students to take an active role in their learning.

    Small class sizes encourage close contact between students and teachers -- challenging student and teacher alike to broaden their knowledge and grow more deeply as they search for truth together.

    Honors at Gannon provides the opportunity to learn not only inside the classroom but outside as well.

    The program fosters a love of learning as well as a love of learners, building a sense of community in the process -- a community whose members love learning and are committed to growing intellectually, culturally, and socially.

    Students are actively involved in the governance of the program through a 15-member student advisory board. In addition to providing a variety of social and cultural events and opportunities for involvement in service activities, the board makes recommendations on policy and is responsible for assisting me in running the program.

    Admission to the program, for graduating high school seniors, is based upon an evaluation of:

    • SAT scores
    • High school grade point average
    • Participation in extracurricular and co-curricular activities
    • Letters of recommendation
    • Essay

    To remain active in the Honors Program, students are expected to enroll in at least one honors course each semester, attend the monthly honors meetings, and participate in the social, cultural, and service activities provided.