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Program Outcomes

  • ESL Program Specialists have the capacity to:

    • Provide assistance supporting the fundamental concepts and practices of English as a second language instruction
    • Provide English as a second languages services
    • Select and design teaching resources for English language learners
    • Provide instructional adaptations/modifications to assist English language learners
    • Conduct effective assessments to identify levels of language proficiency, acquisition and content learning
    • Monitor English language learners’ content learning
    • Participate in individualized education plan preparation for English language learners who are participating in special education assistance/services.
    • Provide school staff with resources/professional activities to promote understanding and sensitivity toward all cultures
    • Provide appropriate information and services to English language learner’s families.
    • Provide assistance to academic content teachers as they instruct English language learners in the required content knowledge.

    Special Considerations:

    An educator certified in this field may provide school staff development services regarding their collegial studies/skills, may serve in the role of mentor or advisor, and may assist students in understanding the “reading” content area materials in related subject areas.