Public Health

    • The public health major is a new bachelor’s degree program at Gannon University.  Graduates can expect to pursue job opportunities or graduate work in public health or medicine.
    • This major is ideal for students who may envision working in a variety of settings within the health services arena during their professional careers. A major in public health will open doors to entry-level positions in a wide variety of health-related agencies, medical centers, long-term care facilities, assisted living facilities, private and public health organizations, as well as local, state and federal health departments. In addition, the program is appropriate for students interested in graduate study in a variety of health-related fields, such as health sciences/public health. 

    You Will Learn

    The Bachelor of Science degree in public health is designed to educate students who have an interest in meeting the rapidly growing demand for broadly trained healthcare professionals. The major combines a foundation in health-related courses, sciences, humanities and social sciences with courses in one or more departments. In addition to the major requirements, which represent the health and science focus of the college, students will select a concentration track that will build on their personal and career goals and interests. There are three concentration tracks:
    • science
    • healthcare with management
    • health education/communication 

    You Will Experience

    The science track is designed for students who desire a broad, strong foundation in the core sciences that also incorporates health-related courses. Students in this track may use elective credits to complete requirements for pre-health professional programs or to prepare to enter graduate programs in health sciences/public health that require a strong science focus.
    The healthcare with management track is designed for students who want to focus their efforts on the business/management side of healthcare. This track is desirable for students who want to move into staff and administrative positions in the healthcare industry or to continue with graduate education in business or management.
    The health education/communication track prepares students to pursue careers as health educators. Health educators are professionals who design, conduct and evaluate activities that help improve the health of all people.

    You Will Achieve

    Students with a degree in public health, science track, can continue their education to pursue careers in research or medicine. Additionally, students in the communication, science or healthcare management tracks can gain employment in industry, nonprofit organizations or government agencies.
    With a Bachelor of Science degree in public health, students may pursue diverse career paths. Such career opportunities include, but are not limited to, the following:
    • healthcare educator
    • healthcare management
    • lab technician
    The student who pursues a post-baccalaureate degree may enter graduate schools to prepare for the following careers:
    • dentist
    • healthcare manager
    • medical scientist
    • pharmacist
    • physician
    • professor
    • public health advisor 

    You will Study

    Some of the unique courses within the curriculum include:

    PUBH 300: Public Health

    This course introduces the study of community and societal health as a whole. It explores factors that maintain good health and factors that can be influenced to promote health and prevent disease. The population health approach is discussed throughout the course as well as factors such as individual medical care, community-wide health projects, laws and other influences.

    PUBH 310: Epidemiology for Public Health

    This course will examine basic concepts of epidemiology as the study of patterns, causes and effects of health and disease in populations and its influence on public health policy. Students will be introduced to the history, basic concepts and methods of epidemiology as related to public health. The social, behavioral and cultural factors that influence public health will be explored.

    PUBH 400: Global Health

    This course will introduce students to the key concepts and issues related to global health. The impact of globalization on the patterns of disease and effective control methods will be emphasized. The effect of social, economic and cultural factors on global health issues will be introduced.

    Liberal Studies Core

    The Liberal Studies Core Curriculum is one reflection of Gannon University's commitment to its Catholic identity. The Core's design offers students a defined, integrated, shared experience as the foundation for their undergraduate program.

    You Will Earn

    Salaries in the field vary depending on the location and type of organization.
    • medical scientists: $76,000  
    • health service managers: $88,000  
    • health educators: $42,000        
    All salary information is compiled from data gathered from the Bureau of Labor Statistics ( and/or PayScale (