Program Facts

  • GU Pre-Professional Medical Facts

    • Gannon University’s non-degree pre- professional programs prepare students for admission to any of the following professional degree-granting schools: chiropractic medicine, podiatric medicine, veterinary medicine, dentistry or optometry.
    • Gannon University offers a diverse group of competitive affiliation programs with professional schools to provide qualified students with an advantage over students at other colleges at the time of application. In some cases, these affiliation programs allow the student to complete the undergraduate phase of the program in three years rather than four, although the majority of students often choose to complete a Bachelor’s degree prior to attending professional school.
    • As a pre-professional student at Gannon University, you will be able to acquire the necessary pre-requisite courses, career-related experience(s), and research experience while also being provided with opportunities to develop critical academic, leadership, communication, and personnel skills.
    • Gannon University is committed to service to others. Students are provided with ample opportunities to volunteer and provide service to their local and global communities.
    • Gannon University provides pre- professional students with resources to prepare for standardized entrance exams (MCAT, DAT, OAT, or GRE), to obtain career-related shadowing or internship experience, and to prepare their application to professional schools.